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5 Factors To Consider When Deciding On Care for Mom at Home Dayton

As our loved ones age, they constantly require our support. This support can be in the form of something as small as a phone call to know how they are doing or help them carry out activities of daily living such as eating.

Sometimes we may neglect our elderly loved ones due to a lack of awareness regarding the change in their needs and behavioral patterns. At Amy’s Eden, we understand the issues that affect your loved ones as they age and they can affect their general well-being and lifestyle choices. We encourage you to seek senior care as early as possible when you realize your loved one might need it.

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When it comes to senior care, we are certain you want the best for your mom. At Amy’s Eden, our professional and dedicated caregivers are the ideal fit for your mom. You don’t have to worry if your mom expresses her wishes to age at home, where she feels comfortable, safe, and at ease, as our caregivers can travel to your mom’s place. Once we evaluate your mom’s health and general well-being, we will be able to develop a caregiving plan that is tailored to meet your mom’s unique needs.

Benefits of In-Home Care

Currently, most seniors in the United States prefer to age at home from the comfort of their homes. The senior care industry is changing like any other industry, and senior care providers are offering services that will enable seniors to age at home.

Most senior care providers in Dayton offer different services uniquely tailored to meet your loved ones’ needs. Some of these in-home care services include:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Grocery shopping,
  • Meal preparations,
  • Companionship,
  • Gardening,
  • Personal care
  • Transportation
  • Medicine management.

There are other benefits that your mom can benefit from when you hire an in-home caregiver, and they are:

Reduced Cost of Care

Sometimes, when a senior can not perform their ADLs, they may end up in a care facility where they will receive assistance. However, these services can be costly for you and your loved ones. When you engage the services of an in-home caregiver, the cost will reduce greatly as you can hire on a need-only basis.

Your Mom Will Retain Her Dignity

When your mom has one caregiver helping her, she will be able to retain her dignity, unlike in most care homes where she will have different caregivers caring for her. She will have one caregiver helping her with bathing, dressing, or even in toileting, and she will feel comfortable as she doesn’t have to rely on family members for these activities.

In-home Care Helps Keep Your Mom Safe

in-home care for mom helps keep her safe at senior care service

Most seniors are at a higher risk of injuries as a result of falls due to mobility, hearing, and vision issues. When you have a caregiver assisting your mom, this risk of injuries reduces significantly.

For example, a caregiver can assist your mom with balance exercises which will go a long way in improving her balance.

Professional In-home Care For Your Mom

If your mom just had an operation and has left the hospital, an in-home caregiver will greatly assist. An in-home caregiver will help with wound dressing, medication management, and sometimes even take your mom to her hospital appointments.

Your Mom Will Retain Her Independence

mom relaxing at home after receiving special care from her caregiver | Dayton memory care

When your mom has an in-home caregiver, she will retain a sense of control and independence over her life as the caregiver will develop a tailor-made support system for your mom. Your Mom can choose the type of support she requires, and this will ensure she maintains her independence as much as possible.

Peace of Mind For You and Your Loved One

When your mom has someone looking after her, you will have peace of mind knowing she is doing well and has the support she needs. One thing you should have at the back of your mind is that your mom will enjoy her golden years knowing she is not a burden to her family and friends.

Sometimes you may start by helping your parents out on errands, but as time passes, you may become a full-time family caregiver juggling many responsibilities at the same time. Knowing that your loved one has support when you are unavailable will comfort you.

Determining the Level of Care Needed

As we age, we face the challenge of declining physical and mental well-being, affecting our independence. As a family, watching your mom lose her independence can be a traumatizing experience. There will be an adjustment period when your family’s dynamics will change. You will have to care for your mom, who might have always been the caregiver.

This change may not be as easy as you wish; your mom may fear losing her independence, while you will fear letting her down.

The following levels of care will help you understand the type of care ideal for your mom’s situation. Different levels of care depend on a senior’s ability to perform various activities of daily living (ADLs). These levels of care include:

Level One Care

This is the lowest level of care where a senior is still independent and requires assistance in some activities of daily living, medication reminders, and little supervision during the day.

Level Two Care

For this level of care, your loved one may struggle with some daily living activities but be independent of others. For example, your mom might be able to feed herself but unable to dress. This level of care involves senior supervision, where the caregiver reminds and assists your loved one with some of these tasks.

Level Three Care

This is the highest level of care, and you can apply it if your mom has severe cognitive impairments or cannot perform her ADLs. This level of care is ideal for older adults with Alzheimer’s or severe dementia.

Understanding the Different Types of Home Care Available To Seniors

Depending on your mom’s level of care, one or more of the following home care services may be ideal.

Personal Care

If your mom struggles with ADLs, having a personal caregiver will be of great help. Our personal care team provides support in various ways, from bathing, dressing, feeding, and transferring.

Companion Care

senior care service allows your mom to enjoy special moments with her caregiver | in home care for mom

Living alone can increase your mom’s risk of loneliness and isolation, which can cause depression and anxiety.

When you have a professional caregiver helping her, their presence will keep the loneliness away, as your mom will have a friendly companion keeping her company throughout the day. Additionally, a companion provides a friendly ear, listens to your mom, and helps with hobbies and light housekeeping.

Memory Care

If your mom has cognitive impairments resulting from Alzheimer’s or dementia, she can receive memory care at home, or she could move into a memory care assisted living home.

One advantage of having our caregivers attend to your mom is that our caregivers are trained to assist older adults experiencing memory loss whether in their homes or ours. Our homes are secure, ensuring our residents’ safety and preventing them from wandering.

The following tips will help you identify if your mom needs specialized memory care:

  • She finds it difficult to remember things, concentrate or focus
  • She tends to wander off and isn’t conscious of her surroundings
  • She needs memory-engaging activities and routines which aim at suppressing her cognitive challenges

Respite Care

This type of care is available mostly to family caregivers who generally need some time off to cater to their needs and take a break. Whether you want some time off to run your errands or relax and have some “me” time, a respite caregiver is a solution.

As a caregiver, your mental well-being is key to providing excellent care to your loved one. If you are exhausted, chances are you won’t provide quality care.

Taking time to recharge is an essential part of caregiving, and you can contact local caregivers near you and have someone trustworthy watch your loved one while you are away.

Factors To Consider When Deciding On Home Care Options

In-home care for mom - elderly woman with home caregiver | mothers care home health

Currently, there are over 12,000 homecare providers in the US, making it more difficult to decide on an ideal caregiver for your mom. What you should have at the back of your mind is that you won’t meet care homes offering the same services. Therefore, understanding your mom’s needs is crucial before hiring a senior care provider in Nevada. Some factors to consider may include:

Understand Your Mom’s Unique Needs

When you realize your mom has difficulties with ADLs like bathing, dressing, or grooming due to an accident or a deteriorating chronic medical condition. You must also consider her mobility issues before looking into caregiver services.

Sometimes you may need to consult with your mom’s doctor or a healthcare professional and ask them to conduct a care assessment which will assist you in knowing the kind of care that is ideal for your mom. After a care assessment, you can choose which care is ideal for you and your mom.

At Amy’s Eden, we offer free care assessment to help you determine the level of care your mom needs.

Consult with Your Family And Friends

an older woman sharing a special moment with her daughter and granddaughter | Dayton memory care

When considering bringing in a caregiver to your mom’s home or even having her relocate to an assisted living home, it’s important to consult with your mom as well as family and friends as this is a critical decision, and their input may be of great value.

The decision to either bring in a caregiver to a senior’s home or even move them to an assisted living home can be traumatic and even upsetting. Having everyone involved and making the decision together makes it easier.

Find an Ideal Location

If, after a healthcare provider’s assessment, you realize your mom requires care services, especially if they have to move into an assisted living home, then the location of these care facilities will play a crucial role. You would want your mom to be in a place where their family and friends can easily visit them. You can as well visit the location to get a feel of the environment and determine if it’s ideal for your loved one.

At Amy’s Eden, we encourage you to book a tour to come see our assisted homes in person.

Check Your Finances

Being realistic and looking for home care that fits your budget is important. The cost of care in Dayton differs significantly, so be sure to look for an affordable option.

Check if your mom has the finances to cater for home care services or if it is you who will have to pitch in. If you realize you or your mom cannot pay for caregivers’ services, you can involve other family members to help you develop ideas on how to raise funds. Some programs such as Medicaid, or if your loved one has long-term insurance may help fund the cost of home care.

Check The Caregivers’ Reputation

After shortlisting some of the ideal care providers in Dayton, the next step is to look for their online presence and check out their reviews. Pay close attention to the rating, reviews, and feedback given by the care provider. Check if the care provider responds to any concerns raised in the reviews.

Inquire about the training and certification of their caregivers before hiring them. You should also ensure to have the contact of the caregiver’s supervisors when hiring an in-home caregiver for your mom.


As a child, your mom’s comfort is of utmost importance. You want what’s best for them, especially when they are in their golden years. If you know you cannot give her the best possible care, you should consider engaging the services of an experienced caregiver.

There are various types of in-home care services available in Dayton that may be an ideal fit for your mom. Ask for recommendations from people who have experienced the services of senior care providers; remember to check out their online reviews as well. Knowing which senior care provider is an ideal fit for your mom can be tricky, and you should take your time and find one that ticks almost all your boxes.

Amy’s Eden provides in-home caregivers that are vetted, screened, and trained. If you’re looking for the best care for mom at home in Dayton NV, Reno, and the surrounding areas, then contact us today. We’ll conduct a free assessment, and create a care plan to assist your mom live out her years in comfort and happiness.

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