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In-Home Caregivers

Personal care assistants that can assist you with caregiving services in your own home!

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What is an Amy's Eden caregiver?

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Caregiver in Reno, NV

Amy’s Eden Senior Care’s personal care assistants are licensed and bonded caregivers who can travel to your home to assist with caregiving services! Our caregivers are trained to spoil and pamper the elderly while offering exceptional senior care.

Our caregivers are available from three to 24 hours a day and can travel to Reno, Carson City, and most surrounding areas within 35 miles. Our caregivers can assist with a variety of services such as light housekeeping, laundry, cooking, activities, personal care, caregiving, companionship, grocery shopping, and more!

Care From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Amy’s Eden Senior Care was founded ten years ago and specialized in assisted homes for elderly care. After growing and expanding, we expanded to sending caregivers to other people’s homes.


We started our in-home caregiving services to expand our Amy’s Eden family further throughout the senior care community. We find caregivers who have a genuine love for the elderly and can travel to your home to offer exceptional caregiving services in your home.


Our prices depend on your location, the type of care required, and the amount of care needed. Call us at (775) 884-3336 to get a quote of services and to find a caregiver today. 

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