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Alzheimer's Care in Reno and Carson City, NV

Senior Care Services in Reno and Carson City, NV , Memory Care in Reno and Carson City, NV
Alzheimer's Care in Reno and Carson City, NV

It can be heart-wrenching to accept the fact that your elderly loved one battling Alzheimer’s disease can no longer recognize you or remember the memories you share.

We know you’d love to care for them, and we understand how challenging this can be. From wandering to agitation, sundowning, aggression, or even psychosis, it may be difficult for you to give your loved one exceptional care while juggling other responsibilities like family or career.

At Amy’s Eden Service Care, we understand the unique challenges and needs associated with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. We are here to provide your loved one and other seniors with loving compassionate and exceptional Alzheimer’s and memory care in Reno, Carson City, and the surrounding areas.

Our approach involves one-on-one personalized attentive care, safety first, and a home-like environment that enhances the quality of life of our seniors and their families.

Compassionate Alzheimer's Care

Let us, focus on creating holistic compassionate care for your loved one, while you,  focus on creating meaningful moments with them. 

Our services take into account your loved one’s unique needs, abilities, and preferences, and are designed to provide cognitive stimulation, emotional support, and physical well-being like no other care option available anywhere.

Amy’s Eden caregivers are trained and chosen to pamper and spoil your loved one with the warm quality care they deserve despite their illness, limitations and challenges. We naturally take on and support their basic activities of daily living such as grooming or eating, medication management, memory-enhancing activities, and behavioral support.

Rest assured, we can and have handled even the most difficult behaviors,  all with love and compassion, preserving the deserved dignity of your loved one.

Amy's Eden Assisted Homes Bedroom
Assisted living bedroom in our specialized home!

Safe and Supportive Environment

It’s not uncommon for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to wander, or fall.  Although not completely preventable anywhere, our unique and close aproximity assisted homes caregiving are the safest care option available to help ensure safety , security , and leavabolity. Basically we ate wander-proof. 

Our living spaces are beautiful, well-lit and easy to navigate, with secure windows and entrances. Our outdoor areas are fenced and secured to ensure that your loved one can enjoy a beautiful evening in the yard without worry of wandering.

While prioritize the well-being and comfort of your beloved senior, and our caregivers are available 24/7 to provide support and supervision you can then prioritize your peace of mind.

Collaborative Approach to Care

Amy's Eden Resident

We take on a collaborative approach to your loved one’s care by working closely with your loved one, the family, and other healthcare professionals to create a personalized care plan. Our care plans are evolving living documents, and are assessed and adjusted regularly to meet the evolving needs of your loved one. 

Our goal is to provide your loved one with care that is holistic and person-centered while focusing on their deserved wellbeing, dignity, respect, and individuality.

Engaging Programs and Activities

Social, Emotional support and creative cognitive stimulation is essential for seniors with Alzheimer’s. It helps them cope, find joy and may also help slow down the progression of the disease. 

We incorporate enjoyable cognitive stimulating activities at the core of our daily services to keep your loved one fulfilled, active and engaged. Whether it’s music therapy, cognition games, or sensory activities, we tailor interests to fit your loved one’s likes and abilities.

At Amy’s Eden Senior Care, our environment encourages meaningful participation, belonging, and a sense of purpose so your loved one doesn’t feel left out in any way.

Senior Care Services in Reno and Carson City, NV , Memory Care in Reno and Carson City, NV

Support for Families

Primary caregivers for Alzheimer’s seniors are often referred to as second patients. They too experience firsthand the challenges of the disease, which can be physically,  emotionally and mentally challenging. Our own special approach to Alzheimer’s care not only includes our residents but their loved ones as well.

We eagerly provide support and guidance throughout the caregiving journey, offering resources, education, and compassionate care whenever you need it. We strive to build strong relationships with families and other care team members to hell all involved stay connected in the way that the care of their loved ones is offeted in efforts to ensure the best possible outcome.

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If you’re seeking compassionate “arms around you”  specialized Alzheimer’s care in Reno, Carson City, or the surrounding areas, Amy’s Eden Senior Care is here for you. 

We treat your loved one like the family they still need and shower them with love, connection and compassion. Our homes are designed to keep your loved one safer while maintaining your peace of mind. 

Contact us today at (775) 884-3336 to schedule a visit, and learn more about the best Alzheimer’s Care services available. 

Together we will provide the highest quality of care to help your loved one lead a well balanced quality life.

Because together,  we care!

Amy's Eden Reviews

Evelyn Anderson


Amy’s Eden offers exceptional Alzheimer’s care. Their dedicated caregivers provide personalized support, creating a safe and compassionate environment for residents facing memory loss.

Henry Mitchell


Choosing Amy’s Eden for my mother’s Alzheimer’s care was a decision I’ll forever be grateful for. Their specialized approach and dedicated caregivers made her feel safe and loved, and it brought immense peace to our family during a challenging time.

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