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7 Things to Look Out for When Choosing Respite Care In Sparks, NV

Nobody cares more about your elderly loved one than you.

It’s a heartfelt sentiment that shows in every decision you make for their well-being. In the extra care you take to ensure their comfort, how you ask about their day, and the watchful eye you keep on their health and happiness.

But taking care of your loved one can be a full-time job on its own, one that may be physically and psychologically taxing.

For example, family caregivers in America invest an average of 24.4 hours every week looking after their loved ones, and 1 out of 4 spend more than forty hours.

But as much as you’d like to be there for your loved one 24/7, it’s important to find the right balance between looking out for them and leading a healthy and full life of your own.

Senior, son and grandson taking a walk together | Respite care for the elderly


Why Respite Care Is Your Solution for a Restorative Break

Respite care serves as a vital pause button in your caregiving journey, offering you the opportunity to take a well-deserved break while ensuring that your senior keeps receiving top care and attention.

During respite care at home or an assisted living home, your beloved relative or companion will stay in a safe and comfortable environment where they’ll be looked after by trained professionals. This will let you recharge, attend to personal matters, or simply take time for yourself, knowing that your senior is in capable hands.

One of the best things about respite care is its flexibility. This service can last from a few hours to several days or even a couple of weeks, accommodating the unique needs and schedules of you and your aging loved one.

Asian elderly father talking to his daughter about how his day went during his respite care in the hospice

Things to Look for When Choosing the Ideal Respite Care Service

When choosing your ideal respite care service in Sparks, the first thing to have in mind is that your senior’s preferences are of the greatest importance. The goal of respite care is to ease the work of taking care of your loved one and give you some room to breathe, but maintaining your senior’s level of general well-being and happiness is also a must.

Consequently, we encourage you to keep them involved in the decision-making process and make sure they’re satisfied with the care choice you made together.

Apart from that, there are several qualities that we recommend you look for in a good respite care service:

  1. Quality of Care: Ensure the facility will provide top-notch care for your loved one. Look for certified and trained staff and proof of medical expertise, if needed. You may ask for a tour of one of their homes and pay attention to the way they tend to the needs of the seniors who are already there.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Look for a sufficiently wide range of services and programs, and that those services meet your loved one’s needs, which can be medication management, daily walks outside, a diet specific for their health, social and recreational activities, or any other form of specialized care.
  3. Cost and Budget: This is one of the most important aspects to consider. Get a precise understanding of the financial aspect, if and how your senior’s insurance can cover the service, and the total and detailed costs of the specific package or service you are hiring.
  4. Safety and Cleanliness: Prioritize safety and cleanliness. A well-maintained, hygienic environment is crucial for your loved one’s well-being. Find out about cleaning schedules or policies, and take a look at the general state of the facilities.
  5. Client Reviews: Insights from others can provide valuable perspectives on the service’s reputation, so seek client reviews on the Internet, on social media communities from your neighborhood or your area, or on specialized caregiving websites.
  6. Convenient and Safe Location: If you’re hiring respite care at the business’ facilities (instead of your own home, or your loved one’s), look for a location that’s nice to look at, easy to access, and in a safe neighborhood. Find out what’s the area’s reputation and if the care home has safety measures of its own.
  7. Effective Communication: Communication is key because you and the respite care service are teaming up to keep the level of care for your senior at its best. Look for a service that establishes a clear line of communication from the beginning on all things related to your loved one’s needs.

Caregiver having an important talk with an elderly mom and her daughter - home respite care

Amy’s Eden Is Sparks’s Premium Respite Care Provider

Amy’s Eden stands out as one of the best providers of respite care in Sparks and Reno, NV.

Since 2013, we have been dedicated to caregivers, the elderly, and their families. We strive to offer you and your senior respite care and other care services based on compassion, expertise, and respect for your loved one’s uniqueness.

We can give you that temporary relief and assistance, giving you the space to take a well-deserved break while we cater to your loved one’s every need in the comfort of your senior’s home or at one of our care residences.

Senior black man walking down an aisle assisted by his respite caregiver in Sparks, NV

Amy’s Eden is ready to pamper your elderly relative or companion with a comprehensive approach that looks after both their physical and psychological well-being.

We can help your senior with nutrition and medication management, and provide them with fun activities, exercise, and emotional support. All while we adapt our care model to their way of living and the things that make life most enjoyable for them.

Contact us today to have a talk about the best way we can help you and your beloved senior. You can also request a tour of one of our beautiful care homes located in upscale neighborhoods in Reno and Sparks, Nevada.

Let us be your trusted right hand in taking care of who you love the most so that they can have the best experience of their golden years.

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