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Amy's Eden


Reno & Carson City, NV

Creating quality of life with love, respect, dignity and compassion.

Homes for Individual Residential Care (HIRC)

Amy’s Eden Assisted Homes in Reno & Carson City, NV

Amy’s Eden Assisted Homes provide upscale homes for seniors living in Reno and Carson City, Nevada. Each living facility is assisted with a dedicated staff that have a real love for the elderly. The exceptional staff to resident ratio is designed for the best possible care (compare our 1 to 2 resident-to-caretaker ratio to 1 to 18 in other large facilities).

There are numerous options in Reno and Carson City for assisted living, but most of them are either filled or don’t meet the needs of the elderly. That is why we’ve developed unique private homes and continue to foster the loving and service-minded staff. Please email or call us directly so that we can help with this most important decision.

The perfect home for the elderly​

Amy's Eden - Assisted Living for Seniors in Reno and Carson City, NV

A home for Individual Residential Care (HIRC) is the most private type of licensed assisted living facilities. Limited to just two seniors, in private neighborhood homes in Reno and Carson City, NV, they allow for exceptional personal attention to the needs and desires of their residents.

A Home for Individual Residential Care (HIRC) is the smallest, most versatile and private of all residential care facilities. Located in licensed private residences and limited to 2 beds, they allow for exceptional personal attention to the needs and desires of residents. Caregiver(s) are present 24/7 to meet the resident’s needs with a caregiver-to-resident ratio of at least 1 to 2. Assisted living is provided in a safe, comfortable and home-like environment. HIRC’s accept residents having a wide variety of conditions.

An Exceptional Experience Every Day!

  • Rediscover Individualized Passions

  • Seasonal Fresh Menus

  • Independent Physician Available

  • Diabetic Management

  • Alzheimer’s/Memory Discoveries

  • Charming Neighborhood Living

  • Home Health & Hospice Available
  • Medication Management

  • Exceptional Wellness Programs

  • Colostomy, Catheter, & Feed Tube Care

  • Experience Love and Friendships

  • Engaging Full Assistance


  • Trained staff available 24 hours a day

  • Three well balanced meals with menu choices

  • Snacks available throughout the day

  • Exercise programs

  • Utilities

  • Routine maintenance

  • Assistance with scheduling transportation

  • Beauty/barber
  • Daily housekeeping

  • Weekly laundry service

  • Recreational activities

  • Enrichment coordinator

  • Beautifully maintained grounds with a secured yard

  • Washers and dryers available for personal user

  • and more!

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(775) 884-3336