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Free Caregiver Training Resources

At Amy’s Eden Senior Care, we are committed to empowering caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best possible care to our residents. Our free caregiver training resources are designed to be valuable starting points for people beginning their caregiving journey. These resources offer foundational training in various aspects of caregiving, including basic caregiving skills, dementia care, medication management, and more. While they serve as excellent introductory materials, we understand that caregiving is a continuous learning process. As such, these resources are just the beginning of your learning experience!

Free Caregiver Training Resources

Basic Caregiving Skills

A step-by-step guide to essential caregiving skills, including proper hygiene, assisting with mobility, and medication management.

Creating a Safe Home Environment

Tips on how to make a home safe and accessible for individuals with mobility challenges or cognitive impairments.

Understanding Dementia Care

An introduction to dementia, its symptoms, and strategies for providing compassionate care and managing behavioral changes.

Managing Medications

A comprehensive guide to understanding medication management, including medication schedules, administration techniques, and potential side effects.

Effective Communication Techniques

Communication tips to enhance interactions with individuals in need of care, including active listening, non-verbal cues, and empathy.

Supporting Mental and Emotional Well-being

Strategies for promoting mental and emotional well-being in care recipients, including social engagement, mental stimulation, and emotional support.

Assisting with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Step-by-step instructions on assisting with personal hygiene, dressing, eating, and other essential activities of daily living.

Providing Comfort and Pain Management

Techniques for providing comfort and managing pain in individuals with chronic conditions or limited mobility.

Managing Challenging Behaviors

Guidance on how to handle challenging behaviors that may arise in caregiving situations, with a focus on empathy, redirection, and de-escalation techniques.

Self-Care for Caregivers

Resources and tips for caregivers to prioritize self-care, manage stress, and seek support to maintain their own well-being while caring for others.

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