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What Senior Home Jobs Are There, and Which Is the Right One for You

Are you an individual who enjoys helping and finds satisfaction in assisting others? Did you know that you can establish a career path that makes a difference in the lives of seniors?

Not every older adult requires assistance, but many of them need that extra set of hands. Today, professional caregiving positions are highly regarded, quite well-paid, and in ever greater demand as the population ages.

There are a variety of jobs that you can do for older adults in their homes or at assisted living facility centers. At Amy’s Eden, however, we believe in the personal approach.

Amy’s Eden caregivers are usually working with only one or two older adults. For us, an essential part of the caregiver’s job is establishing a relationship with the client built on trust and kindness. Therefore, we do our best to match the caregivers with seniors suitable to one another.

home senior care jobs - providing warm meals are part of the senior care job

From this article, you will learn what professional caregivers’ work entails. We’ve added some other senior home jobs that you may find interesting as well. Choosing the best position for you will depend on your inclinations, education, and personal preferences. Read on to discover more about the opportunities in the world of caregiving.

Professional Caregiver

Caregiving is often provided by family members and done on volunteer bases. However, this is sometimes impossible due to large distances or other circumstances. Caregiving and other senior home care jobs offer a great opportunity for those who love to serve the elderly community. There are several openings available in independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities.

As an employee, you will benefit from competitive pay, insurance programs, leadership opportunities, and a positive work culture. You will have the privilege to serve senior residents and support them in ways that respect their privacy and desire to be self-sufficient.

Do you need a specific education?

To become a caregiver, you do not necessarily need any professional education, such as nursing, medical, or psychology degrees. Most senior care facilities and agencies require employees to have at least a high school diploma, and many provide additional training to ensure quality care. With a paid training program, you can develop your career and grow with the residents to make a difference in their lives.

What are the primary responsibilities of a caregiver?


Your job will be to assist older adults in their daily activities, thus improving their quality of life. As a caregiver, you will also provide companionship and social interaction for people living alone. The job serves as a fulfilling career that allows you to plan and offer a range of resources and services to the residents while working closely with the care team.

Caregiver professionals work at the homes of the seniors for a number of hours. They are expected to carry out some or all of the following tasks:

  • Provide personal care, and assist with bathing, toileting, dressing, and grooming

  • Prepare meals and snacks, share meals

  • Give medication reminders

  • Drive or accompany the client to outings or appointments

  • Join in entertainment or recreational activities

  • Engage in conversation, share stories and memories

  • Do light housekeeping tasks

senior home care jobs - senior engaged in physical therapy with a caregiver

What professional and personal skills do you need to have?

When seeking a professional caregiver, agencies, families, and individuals are looking for qualities such as dependability, punctuality, and honesty. You will be spending your day working with older adults and their families, who will let you in their homes as a member of the family. You will also have to establish a report with seniors’ healthcare providers. Therefore, it is essential to have good communication and problem-solving skills to be able to connect with the patient, understand their needs and feelings while also treating them with respect.

Personality-wise, you may find that this job suits you if you are kind, patient, compassionate, cooperative, and have good organizational skills and a sense of humor.

When you’re ready to apply, you can view the job opportunities on the assisted living community websites and apply for the ones that match your vision and location preference.

What types of caregivers are there?

Depending on their specialties and workplaces, there are different types of professional caregivers.

taking care of the elderly at home jobs - caregiver dusting furniture and speaking with a senior

  • Personal or private duty caregivers provide a wide range of services according to the client’s needs – from medical and nursing care to meal prepping and transportation services. Their job is to help the seniors continue living independently in their own homes.

  • Specialized home caregivers are directed toward aiding seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, palliative, and end-of-life care. It is provided by caregivers who have additional qualifications, such as registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, CPR, or first aid certificate holders.

  • Assisted living caregivers typically deliver care in a facility. Assisted living personnel looks after a number of older adults. The provided care is on a needed basis but it is less often than at-home private duty caregivers.

  • Hospice caregivers. Be it at the client’s home or a facility, the assistants of hospice care conduct the general caregiver duties. Hospice caregivers focus mainly on providing comfort as much as possible in the last period of their client’s life.

Other senior home care jobs

In addition to professional caregivers, other occupations involved with the care of aging adults include speech therapists, physiotherapists, visiting nurses, and patient advocates.

1. Speech Therapists

Speech therapists help stroke survivors and other seniors suffering from cognitive disorders regain their communication ability. Their work is focused on speaking, chewing, swallowing, tone of voice, and language processing.

Speech therapists can provide advice regarding some dietary changes which promote easier swallowing. This type of therapy can also help strengthen the aging adults’ memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.

To become a speech therapist, one must obtain a master’s degree from a university.

2. Physical Therapists

In the field of senior care, physical therapists make one of the highest salaries. These professionals are highly skilled and hold bachelor’s and master’s diplomas. They help patients regain muscle strength, flexibility, mobility, and independence.

An important aspect of physiotherapists’ work is providing advice on pain reduction. They assist patients in creating an exercise routine to support joint health and boost their immune system.

Physical therapy may be conducted alongside medical treatment. Therefore physiotherapists might work closely with the rest of the patient’s healthcare providers.

jobs in caring for the elderly at home - caregiver walking with a senior lady outdoors

3. Patient Advocates

Health advocates are in high demand in 2023. Their job is to help patients navigate the healthcare system.

Usually, patient advocates work at hospitals or care facilities but can be hired privately too. They provide financial advice, reimbursement assistance, and emotional support.

Patient advocates are often engaged with clients who are dealing with life-threatening diseases. Their duties include scheduling medical appointments and finding professionals who can give a second opinion.

Patient advocates are also responsible for helping patients find support groups and negotiate and check the accuracy of patients’ medical bills.

You do not need special training to become a health advocate, however, having a degree or experience in social services, healthcare, or non-profits will certainly help you land a position.

carer for the elderly jobs | visiting registered nurse assessing seniors condition

4. Visiting Registered Nurses (RN)

Visiting RN work with senior patients to help them keep their independence and continue living in their own homes. Among their duties are skilled nurse tasks, such as changing catheters, administrating IV, managing wound care, monitoring vital signs, and reporting changes in their patient’s physical condition to the doctor.

Visiting RN typically spend a shorter time with the patients than the caregivers. To become a visiting nurse, you need an associate degree in nursing. There is a shortage of nurses worldwide, therefore, finding work is not difficult, and the pay is high.

In a nutshell

Providing assistance to seniors is a noble and rewarding profession that serves the community and the individual in a very meaningful way. As a caregiver, you can change your client’s life by helping them keep living safely and happily in their home.

Senior home caregiving is a career choice that is not only financially rewarding, but will give you a chance to grow professionally as well. Overall, working in senior home care jobs will provide you with a fulfilling environment where you can make a positive impact on others.

Amy’s Eden caregivers are highly skilled and dedicated professionals. They are just as much part of the client’s family as they are part of Amy’s Eden family.


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