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9 Ways for Seniors To Stay Connected With Their Loved Ones Through GrandPad Central

A smiling senior woman accessing the GrandPad Central from the tablet.

Isolation, loneliness, and depression are prevalent psychological concerns among seniors that healthcare experts have tried to solve for years. One of the solutions presented is teaching older people how to use technological devices, such as a smartphone. It allows them to leverage the internet to connect with their families, so hopefully, they don’t withdraw from society.

The approach has been great so far, but here’s the rub: not all seniors are tech-savvy and tech-driven. Even if they learn the basics of smartphone use, the several menus and settings can easily overwhelm and intimidate them. The complex interface discourages most seniors from giving it a go. So another solution came in: GrandPad and GrandPad Central.

What Is GrandPad?

A senior man smiling and video calling a loved one from the GrandPad phone.

GrandPad is an all-inclusive solution that allows older people to connect with their loved ones using a tablet. It’s different from a regular tablet because its user interface is simple enough for seniors to use comfortably. It’s also customizable from the GrandPad Central, which is the web portal, so users can choose which apps (also called buttons) to install on the device.

In a nutshell, it’s a subscription-based postpaid plan. Users receive a GrandPad phone or tablet with a few pre-installed basic buttons that most older people will likely use and need for communication.

It makes calling, sending emails, and sharing photos easier for those who struggle to operate a smartphone or a regular tablet due to their complex interfaces.

What Does the Grandpad Do?

A daughter teaching her senior dad how to customize GrandPad settings from GrandPad Central account portal.

GrandPad helps seniors connect with their loved ones any time they want without the overwhelm of technology. The touch screens, biometrics systems, voice search, and other new tech features may be daunting for seniors to learn and use.

Thankfully, seniors can stay connected with their grandchildren and relatives and use technology with ease. The GrandPad has different buttons customizable from the GrandPad central web portal.

1. Make calls

GrandPad makes calling other family members easier by using a one-tap dial Call button.

2. Send emails

Some seniors are more comfortable communicating via email instead of social media and messaging apps. The friendly interface of the Email button on GrandPad makes it more convenient for seniors to view and share photos and send voice emails with a tap of a finger.

3. Take photos and videos

Does your senior mom or dad love taking photos of their grandchildren and their pet dogs? With GrandPad’s Camera and Video recorder buttons, they can take several photos, create stunning slideshows, and share happy moments with other family members.

4. Read the latest articles about their interests

The Article button will let your loved one filter the articles to show only the latest news or posts about their interests. For instance, if they love talking about antiques, crafts, and pets, they can access, read, and get updated about them in the article section.

5. Check the weather

Worried about your loved one going out and joining outdoor activities in bad weather? Remind them to check the Weather button from their GrandPad phone or tablet before they leave their home so they can escape or prepare for bad weather.

6. Listen to the radio and music

If your loved one listens to happy and upbeat music in the morning and relaxes to the tunes of slow songs from the live radio late at night, they can search for great songs of all genres and times on their GrandPad using the Music and Radio buttons.

7. Play games

Playing games can relieve stress, and the game selections on GrandPad’s Game button are not only enjoyable but may also be good for exercising the brain. Games like Word Scramble, Bingo, and card games can be a good and safe way to reduce stress and help improve cognition.

8. Connect to the internet

Unlike a mobile phone or a tablet that uses a web browser to connect to the internet, which can compromise online safety, GrandPad doesn’t use a web browser to access web features. It uses the Internet button, which makes it safer.

9. GrandPad Companion App

Non-GrandPad users can download the GrandPad Companion App on their smartphones. The app will allow other family members to create a personal profile, make a video call, send a message, or share photos with GrandPad users.

The other family members, also referred to as “companions,” can also link their social media accounts, like Facebook, to the companion app so that when they post a video or a photo on Facebook, the GrandPad user can see it without actually accessing Facebook.

There are many other things that your loved one can do with their GrandPad by configuring their Grandpad Central account.

GrandPad has a larger font size and buttons and an accessible interface making reading and swiping buttons easier. What makes it even better is that it’s perfect for seniors with minor vision problems who find it challenging to read texts from a small mobile screen.

How to Log in to GrandPad Central?

A daughter teaching her senior dad how to access the GrandPad central login page

GrandPad users have an account portal called GrandPad Central, where they do many things, such as updating their personal information, managing their accounts, sending invitations to contacts, and more.

A family administrator (FA) is the person, often the caregiver or another adult family member, who manages and customizes the buttons and contacts for ease of use. Since many seniors want to avoid handling the techy side of using a device, an FA manages the account to provide a personalized experience to their loved ones.

For first-time users, follow these steps to access GrandPad central login portal and create an online account:

1. Go to

2. Enter a valid email address and click Next.

3. Check your inbox for the login link and click it to be redirected to the login page.

4. Follow the rest of the prompts to set up a password and customize the profile.

Once you’re logged in to the GrandPad central admin page, you’ll see different tabs such as Profile, Contacts, Photos, Applications, etc. Selecting each tab will allow you to edit, change, remove, and personalize specific settings so your loved one can only view the content, apps, and features they want and need from their GrandPad tablet.

What Cellular Service Does GrandPad Use?

A senior couple video calling their son and grandchildren - GrandPad phone

GrandPad is powered by Consumer Cellular. The network operator offers 30 days free trial of GrandPad to users who want to check the product out and see if it’s the right device for their loved ones.

It’s risk-free, so if you decide to try it for 30 days, you’ll receive a trial package containing a GrandPad tablet, a wireless charging cradle, a handy stylus, user manuals, and a copy of the sales receipt.

If after 30 days you want to cancel the service, you can return all the items you’ve received and call their customer help desk at (888) 545-1425 to initiate the return process. You won’t be charged any cancellation fees if you cancel within 30 days.

AARP members receive a 5% discount on their monthly fee and an extended trial period of up to 45 days.

Does GrandPad Have Unlimited Data?

GrandPad Central - a senior man video calling his loved one

GrandPad comes with 3 plan options with different pricing to suit each senior’s needs. They include 1GB, 10GB, and unlimited data.

If you opt for unlimited data, the monthly cost starts at $50 for a single phone line. If you need to add another phone line, say you want one GrandPad for your senior mom and another GrandPad for your senior dad, an additional $15 per month is added to the standard monthly fee. The unlimited data plan is shareable to up to 7 phone lines on one Consumer Cellular account.

How Much Is Grandpad Monthly?

A senior couple calculating their expenses, including their GrandPad subscription - get GrandPad

Consumer Cellular offers two payment options to get a GrandPad device for those low in cash.

Option A: One-time payment of $29 due upon purchase and $5 monthly payments for the next 24 months through EasyPay financing

Option B: A one-time payment of $149

If you opt for Option A, that means that you’ll only pay $29 to purchase the device, then a fee of $5 will be added to your monthly subscription fee for two years until the balance for the payment of the device is settled.

For the monthly subscription and data packages, see the fee breakdown below:

Cellular Data Monthly Subscription for 1 phone line Monthly Subscription for 2 phone lines Monthly Subscription for 3 phone lines
1 GB $20 $35 $50
10 GB $35 $50 $65
Unlimited Data $50 $65 $80

If you choose Option A and unlimited data for example, your monthly subscription fee for a single phone is $50 plus the $5 payment for the device, which totals $55 monthly for 24 months.

The monthly fee includes the following benefits and services:

● Unlimited talk and text

● Cellular data

● Premium nationwide coverage

● 5G access without extra cost

● Paperless billing

● Automatic bill payment

● 24/7 excellent customer service

How to Contact GrandPad Customer Service?

An adult daughter teaching her senior dad how to contact GrandPad customer service

In case you encounter problems with the GrandPad device, have a billing concern, or your senior loved ones have questions on how to navigate certain buttons, you can easily connect to GrandPad customer service in three ways.

1. Via live online chat, which is available from 6 AM to 5 PM PST

2. Via GrandPad phone number at (888) 345-5509

3. Via the Help button from the GrandPad device

Why Technology Must Be Inclusive and Responsive for Seniors

A group of seniors happily taking technology classes - GrandPad Central.

While most of the younger generation don’t have any problem catching up with the latest tech trend as they grow up, the same can’t be true for many older adults, who most likely haven’t used a computer before.

However, as technology becomes a permanent fixture in our lives, learning how to operate a smartphone can help older people stay connected with their loved ones and friends, especially during emergencies.

Learning the ropes of technology, such as how to send and read emails, send or share photos, and turn on the camera during video calls using a touch screen, can ensure that older people remain connected to society at large and live an active social life. This is where GrandPad and GrandPad Central help.

For seniors who struggle with memory and slowed thinking, a tablet with a simplistic and senior-friendly interface tailored to the needs of the older demographic is less intimidating to users. It makes technology uncomplicated and inspires older people to leverage technology to improve the quality of their lives.

Amy’s Eden Can Help You Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones

Does your senior mom or dad want to learn how to use their tablet or smartphone or want to try GrandPad and need assistance accessing the GrandPad Central page? We have trained caregivers to teach your loved one how to use their phone or connect with GrandPad’s customer service.

Perhaps your loved one doesn’t want to use a phone but needs someone to answer calls and messages for them — we have in-home caregivers to assist them. Regardless of how you want to connect with your loved ones, Amy’s Eden is here to support you or your loved one and provide other services, such as companionship care to nurture an active and meaningful social life.

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