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24 Hour Care for Grandma: Hope and Help When You Need It

Every fond memory of time spent with your elderly loved one is a treasure. We protect the people you hold dear, that’s why 24 hour care for your senior is such a good option.

When you live too far away from your beloved senior, or you have to go to work, or need to take care of your children and other responsibilities, it’s time to find round-the-clock help. Retirement homes and crowded nursing homes are not the only answers.

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The Best 24 Hour Elder Care Options

The best elder care option for your loved one is based on their current needs with an eye toward what they might need in the near future. If your senior is recovering from an injury, serious illness, or surgery, the level of care is different from a senior who has Alzheimer’s or dementia, for example.

Four types of 24 hour care for the elderly:

  1. 24 hour care for the elderly in their own home with a live-in caregiver who stays and sleeps in the home each night
  2. Enhanced 24 hour in home care with caregivers who take shifts so that someone is awake at all times
  3. Temporary 24 hour care at home for elderly individual who is recovering from injury, illness, or surgery
  4. 24 hour care for seniors in an assisted living home

senior man with mobility issues hours after getting out of the hospital. 24 hour care nursing at home

Many seniors want to age in place, but they might need help with mobility or activities of daily living (ADLs). Others who have memory issues are much happier aging in their own home where everything is familiar and feels safer to them.

Arranging 24 hour care for the elderly in their own home with a live-in caregiver is a good option if your loved one meets the following criteria:

  • They usually sleep through the night
  • They are not a danger to themselves
  • They don’t have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia that causes wandering

Enhanced 24 hour care is recommended if your loved one has any of the following:

  • They have memory issues, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, or sundowners
  • They tend to wander or get lost
  • They could be a danger to themselves if left unattended
  • They don’t sleep through the night

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Temporary 24 hour care is recommended for the following situations:

  • Your loved one is recovering from surgery, such as a knee replacement
  • Your senior is recovering from an illness or injury
  • You need respite care

senior woman with double knee replacement sitting in a wheelchair needing 24-hour nursing care privacy. 24 hour nursing care at home

Signs that Your Loved One Might Need 24 Hour Care:


  1. Increased risk of falls, tripping, or other balance issues
  2. Evidence of bruising or other injuries
  3. Noticeable memory issues
  4. Inability to get to the bathroom in time to prevent “accidents”
  5. Signs of dementia such as confusion or hallucinations
  6. Weight loss, perhaps indicating they need help eating or drinking
  7. Social isolation leading to depression and/or anxiety
  8. Recently released from the hospital or rehab facility
  9. Increased mobility issues

older adult woman with a cane who has fallen on the floor. 24 hour nursing care at home

How 24 Hour In-Home Care Can Benefit You and Your Loved One


Being a family caregiver can be extremely stressful. It is often physically and emotionally demanding, especially when your loved one’s needs increase but your responsibilities at home and work stay the same.

A caregiver can bring much needed relief for you and for your senior. Most adult seniors who receive care from their family members worry that they are burdensome. This can cause unnecessary anxiety.

Family members who serve as caregivers not only worry about providing adequate care to their loved one, but they are also at increased risk of depression and anxiety. It is easy to injure yourself when assisting your loved one by not knowing the proper techniques for lifting and transferring.

Quality caregivers are trained professionals who know how to care for and assist your senior. Their entire focus is to help you and your loved one in all the various activities of day-to-day life. Having a caregiver, who provides 24 hour elder care, is a relief. One of the greatest benefits is your peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in good hands.

white-haired senior woman laughing having a good time with her caregiver. 24 hour nursing care at home

If your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s, sundowner’s, or any other form of dementia, then 24 hour care in their own home is particularly beneficial. Remaining in their own home where everything is familiar keeps confusion at a minimum. Seniors who require memory care benefit from structure and routine.

Any sudden change causes confusion and a feeling of insecurity. Having the same caregivers helps promote that sense of security too. Even outings to the doctor can cause aggravation, confusion, and irritability for the rest of the day and sometimes the next day too. Telemed appointments are highly recommended.

elderly man with dementia who has wandered away from home and is lost. 24 hour nursing care at home

What Type of Help Can You Expect?


When you hire a 24 hour caregiver, you can expect professional care and courtesy. Quality caregiver agencies thoroughly train their staff. At Amy’s Eden, we offer exceptional care to your loved one by a licensed and bonded caregiver who has been trained to pamper your senior.


Some of the specific things your loved one’s caregiver can assist them with:


  • Personal grooming: bathing or showering, brushing hair
  • Dressing
  • Transferring to and from chair to toilet
  • Mobility assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Pet care
  • Companionship
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Running errands
  • Feeding
  • Companionship

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If you live in the Reno or Carson City, Nevada area and would like to know more about Amy’s Eden, please call or email us today. We offer the highest quality compassionate care for seniors. Learn more about our community of caregivers and how we will make your loved one feel special.

So many times in life we search to find the perfect solution to a problem, only to realize it was right there in front of us the entire time. We are here to help you with premium 24 hour care for your elderly loved one, either in their home, your home, or in one of our assisted living homes.

Please feel free to contact us and we can answer any questions you may have. We also offer a free care assessment that we will review with you in order to provide your loved one with the best care. We would love to meet with you.

Our policy for our assisted living homes is to have only two residents so your loved one will not be overwhelmed with crowds. This has its safety benefits too, especially during cold and flu season or when covid-19 rates are high. Your loved one is safer which means more peace of mind for you too.

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