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How To Choose The Right Option For Elderly Care In Carson City NV

Eldery Care In Carson City, NV

As your senior loved one gets older you may begin to consider some form of elderly care to help them live independently and as comfortably as possible. With many senior living options available, it may be confusing to know which type of elderly care is right for your loved one.

In this blog, we list the different options available for elderly care in Carson City NV, and how you can tell which one is right for your loved one. We also discuss how you can pay for elderly care.

Types of Elderly Care

There are different options for senior living in Carson City NV. The choice you go for depends on your loved one’s needs. The needs of an older adult can be broadly categorized into 2; non-medical needs and medical needs.

Non-medical needs include needs for personal care, companionship, transportation, home maintenance, etc. In this category, seniors do not need constant medical attention or care.

Medical needs can include cognitive care, wound dressing, specialized use of medical equipment, etc. In this category, older adults require moderate to constant medical attention.

The extent of each need or a combination of needs will largely determine the right option for elderly care for your loved one.

Let’s look at 7 elderly care options available to your loved one.

Independent Living

Seniors who are 55+ and active may opt for independent living to enjoy the benefits of a maintenance-free lifestyle it offers. A maintenance-free lifestyle in this sense means that a senior doesn’t have to worry about the burdens of owning and maintaining a home.

Independent Senior Living - Elderly couple in a garden

Independent living communities offer older adults on-site amenities, opportunities for socializing, and additional support such as:

  • Home maintenance
  • Laundry and
  • Meal preparation.

If your loved one is 55 and above, and active, this may be the right option for them if they no longer want to live at home. However, as seniors in independent living communities get older and require some form of activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing and eating, they have to transition to other types of elderly care environments.

In-home Care

Most seniors say they would prefer to age in place, in other words, grow older in their own homes.

While the concept of aging in place is appealing, an article from the University of Michigan indicates that many seniors haven’t taken the right steps to do so. One such crucial step is providing in-home care for older adults that wish to age in place.

senior In-home care in Carson City, Nevada

With in-home care, the older adult receives care in their own home. The in-home caregiver assists with a range of care including companionship, personal care, and basic medical care such as wound dressing, catheter changing, and medication management.

In cases where the senior requires moderate to high medical attention, a registered nurse can provide advanced medical care at home.

In-home care can take many forms. These can include:

  • Live-in care: The caregiver moves into the home of your loved one to provide care. However one of the prerequisites of live-in care is that the caregiver must be given 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per day. So they only provide care for 16 hours per day and must be relieved by another caregiving, you or a family member during their rest period.
  • 24-hour home care: Unlike live-in care, the caregiver doesn’t need to move into the home of your loved one. Care is provided round-the-clock with at least 2 caregivers alternating between 8-12 hours shifts during the day and night.
  • Part-time home care: This is scheduled for at least 8-12 hours per day, and the caregiver can assist during the day or night depending on you or your loved one’s need.

If daytime hours are periods your loved one requires the most care, a live-in caregiver or a part-time day caregiver is the best option. However, if your loved one requires care throughout the day in the case of Alzheimer’s or a medical condition, 24-hour home care is the right option.

Amy’s Eden provides in-home care in Carson City NV for seniors to age safely at home. Our caregivers are vetted and equipped to ensure your beloved senior is pampered, spoiled, and cared for.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living Carson City NV

Assisted Living may be right for older adults who have some level of independence, but need help with activities of daily living (ADLs) which is provided outside the home. ADLs are essential routine tasks that should be performed by an individual with no assistance. They include:

  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Personal grooming
  • Housekeeping
  • Personal hygiene
  • Walking

When older adults become unable to care for themselves, and any reason cannot continue to receive care at home or in an independent living community, they may have to transition to assisted living.

However, assisted living care doesn’t just end with assistance with ADLs or medical care. It also provides basic amenities (such as meal prep, housekeeping, laundry), and gives seniors opportunities to socialize and build friendships.

The most common type of Carson City Assisted Living Communities ranges in size from as few as 25 to 120 people. This makes personalized care for each older adult challenging.

A rare type of assisted living which Amy’s Eden operates only houses a maximum of 2 residents in a family-like environment. This allows for care to be tailored to meet the senior’s needs, while also offering opportunities for socializing and bonding with the caregivers and other residents.

If you want your loved one to enjoy the care of assisted living in a home-like environment, you can reach out to us to learn more about our assisted living homes.

Memory Care

senior Memory care - Elderly Care in Carson City, NV

Seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia may need personalized memory care services distinct from personal and medical care.

If your loved one has cognitive impairment, memory care service can be provided at home, in assisted living homes, or a dedicated memory care center.

A Memory caregiver would engage your loved one in programs, activities, and events that are designed to help enhance cognitive abilities or slow down the progression of the disease. They will also assist with personal care and ADLs while promoting as much independence as possible.

If your loved one is receiving memory care in an assisted living home or memory care center in Carson City, you do not have to worry about your loved one wandering as these places offer different measures to keep residents safe such as:

  • Tracking bracelets
  • Alarmed doors
  • Elevators that require a code
  • Enclosed outdoor spaces.

If you’re opting for in-home memory care services, you’ll need to modify your loved one’s home and implement necessary safety measures and/or gadgets to prevent wandering.

Nursing Home

Nursing homes are for people who don’t need to be in a hospital, but cannot receive medical care at home. They provide medical, health, and personal care to those who need it.

They are various reasons why a nursing home might be the right elderly care option for your loved one.

  1. If your elderly loved one has a medical condition, illness, or disability that requires constant medical attention
  2. If your loved one requires short-term skilled care after being in a hospital for an illness, needs rehabilitation after surgery, or is nearing the end of their life (hospice care).
  3. If your loved one needs round-the-clock supervision because they have a condition like dementia.

Nursing homes also offer recreational activities to keep seniors active and engaged.

Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care centers provide planned programs of activities in a safe place for elderly who may need supervision during the day. Many of these older adults would benefit from social engagements and activities outside the home.

Elderly Care Services Carson City NV - seniors enjoying breakfast

While services offered vary from center to center, they usually include:

  • Mental stimulation
  • Physical activities
  • Social interactions, and
  • Health services
  • Meals and snacks

Adult Day Care Centers are also beneficial to the informal caregiver, as they provide respite from caregiving duties so caregivers can relax, and recharge.

This option is right for your loved one if:

  • For some reason, you’re no longer able to care for your loved one during the day
  • You want your loved one to connect and have interactions with other seniors outside the home
  • You need respite from your caregiving duties

While some Adult Day Care Centers are paid centers, some local communities and religious bodies run not-for-profit centers.

Palliative and Hospice Care

Palliative and Hospice care focus on a holistic approach to provide the highest level of comfort for people who have been diagnosed with a severe illness or are terminally ill.

In palliative care, older adults who have been diagnosed with a severe condition may receive medical care for their symptoms while they pursue treatment options.

Hospice care focuses on comfort and the quality of life for a person who is ill and approaching the end of life. At this point, the condition is no longer responding to treatments, and attempts to cure the illness are suspended. Hospice care can provide an opportunity for family members to spend quality time with their loved ones before they pass on.

If your loved one has been diagnosed with a severe illness and is still pursuing treatment options, palliative care is the right option. However, if attempts to cure the illness are suspended, your loved one is approaching the end of life, and the doctor believes he or she has six months or less to live, hospice care is recommended.

Both hospice and palliative care can be provided in nursing homes, a hospital, or a standalone center.

How To Pay For Elderly Care In Carson City NV

Paying for elderly care in Carson City, Nevada

Apart from paying out of pocket, the following are ways families and seniors can fund elderly care in Carson City Nevada.

  1. Medicare: Medicare may cover elderly care options like hospice care, palliative care, and some form of personal care if your loved one meets the requirements. If your loved one has Medicare, contact them to know what’s covered or not.
  2. Medicaid: What Medicaid covers can vary with each state and elder care option. For example, Medicaid can pay for the complete cost of nursing home care, but will only pay for some level of care in an assisted living home. You can try contacting an official to learn more about Nevada’s Medicare requirements and coverage.
  3. Home and Community-Based Waiver: This is a program from the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division that provides non-medical assistance to elderly citizens of Nevada. Eligibility is based on some requirements such as:
  • Being 65 and older
  • At risk of being placed in a nursing home
  • Meet some financial criteria

To learn more about the requirements, contact the nearest regional office of the Aging and Disability Service Division closest to you. A social worker will assess your need, determine your eligibility and help you apply. You can as well call the State’s Division at (775) 687-4210 to find out the nearest office to you.

  1. Long-term Care Insurance: if your loved one has this type of insurance, contact the providers to know what type and extent of elderly care is covered. Long-term care insurance usually covers most aspects of elderly care.
  2. Veterans Benefit: If your loved one or spouse is a veteran, they may be eligible for veterans benefits to fund the cost of care. An NDVS Veteran Service Officer (VSO) can assist you and your loved one to learn more about available benefits and resources; Find a VSO near you. Family caregivers may also be eligible for financial assistance; learn more here.
  3. Life Insurance Policy: Your loved one may be able to convert their life insurance policy to a lump sum to fund elderly care. Find out more about this from their insurance provider.
  4. Reverse Mortgage: The most common type of reverse mortgage — Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) — allows homeowners 62 and older to use their home as security to take out a loan. Your loved one will not be required to make monthly mortgage payments, and the loan borrowed can be used to pay for senior care.

Amy’s Eden Elderly Care in Carson City NV

With so many options to choose from, we hope that this blog post has given you some insight into the type of elderly care in Carson City NV that is ideal for your loved one.

If you’re looking for elderly care providers, you can stop your search here. Amy’s Eden provides in-home and assisted living home care for elderly Nevadans in upscale neighborhoods such as Carson City, Reno, and surrounding areas.

We have a standard to provide exceptional care and our caregivers are vetted and equipped. Let us take the worry of your loved one’s care away from you, and assist them to lead a better quality of life as they journey in their golden years.

You can contact us today to learn more about our services, get a free assessment or schedule a tour of our assisted living home

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