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Equipment for Elderly Care at Home; Ensuring Your Loved One Enjoys a Comfortable Life

A smiling older lady enjoying the comfort of elder care equipment

As the elderly population continues to grow, ensuring their safety and well-being becomes increasingly important. As we age, we lose our muscle mass, leading to joint, stability and mobility problems. Elderly care equipment for daily living assistance such as a walker, cane, or wheelchair will significantly be of help to your loved one if they struggle to walk due to joint issues, surgery, or a fall.

A lady who works from home and uses elder care equipment

According to recent studies, most older citizens in America choose to age in the comfort of their homes. This indicates that rather than relocating to an assisted living facility, most seniors prefer to remain in their homes, either with family members or by themselves. Most people feel comfortable, secure, and safe when they stay or age at home.

When your elderly loved one has mobility or health concerns and decides to age in place, you should support their decision. However, it would be best to be think of their safety as well products, tools and supplies to promote that safety.

Choosing the right mobility or assistive devices can be challenging, but don’t worry—these types of equipment will improve the quality of life for your loved one.

Amy’s Eden caregivers are experienced with mobility equipment for elderly care at home, So, whether your loved one is aging at home, or in one of our assisted homes, our caregivers can assist them in using their equipment the right way.

Importance of Choosing The Right Home Equipment For your Elderly Parents

According to the current CDC report, every year in America, one in every four seniors has a fall injury. Some of these falls cause serious injuries such as fractures, and occasionally even death. Seniors who fall will heal slowly and are vulnerable to further injuries, secondary infections, and subsequent falls.

Some types of elderly care equipment on display at a local store

You also recognize that because most seniors have difficulty with anesthesia, they have high mortality rates following major surgery. When caring for an older loved one, you should watch out for secondary infections following surgery.

Selecting the appropriate equipment for your loved one is essential to ensuring a successful post-operative recovery or hospital stay and avoiding falls.

Assessing your loved one’s condition and living situation is crucial before purchasing home equipment for the elderly. Specific equipment might need your home to be upgraded or modified.

Hence, before investing in equipment, consider all the adjustments you might need to make and your budget. You should speak with the provider to determine if your parent’s insurance covers some of the elder care equipment.

A smiling older lady enjoying the comfort of elder care equipment

We realize that most families do not conduct adequate research before purchasing assistive equipment for their loved ones. Doing this, they purchase household goods or appliances their parents never use. Visiting a medical equipment supplier’s website online could greatly help when conducting your research.

You should speak with the medical equipment provider to determine if your parent’s insurance or health care plan covers some of the elder care equipment. Additionally, visiting the medical equipment supplier’s site could give you an idea of the total cost of purchasing some of these devices.

some of the elderly equipment that you could buy for your loved one

Mobility Aids For Your Loved One

There are various assistive mobility aids for seniors experiencing mobility issues. The best part is that programs like Medicaid might cover some of these equipment. When it comes to choosing the right mobility aid for your loved one will, in most cases, it’ll depend on their situation and home layout.

The following equipment will offer maximum support to your loved one each and every day. They will also help maintain balance while standing, walking, or reaching for something. Some of this mobility equipment include the following:


senior women relaxing with their canes outdoors

A walking cane is one of the most common forms of mobility for most seniors in America. When your loved one’s mobility declines, they may use a walking cane. The best part is that it is widely available and offers extra stability and support to a senior when walking or standing.

You should caution your loved one to ensure they do not rest all their weight on the cane as it can lose traction, resulting in a fall. You have many choices when choosing the right cane for your loved one. Depending on what compliments your loved one’s style and fits your budget, you can have a rubber, wooden, or metal cane.


a female nurse assisting an older person with their walker

A walker is a mobility aid that offers more balance and stability to seniors with excellent upper-body mobility. A walker has a steady frame and stationary base. Your loved one will have to pick it up and move forward with every step they take. They are handy, as your loved one will walk at their own pace and rest between moving from one point to another.

Studies show that walkers can reduce your loved one’s chances of falling. If your loved one doesn’t like using a walker, you could show or convince them of reasons why they should which will generally increase the quality of their lives.

Walkers are also ideal when your loved one experiences dizzying spells, mild amnesia, or confusion. These mobility aids provide your loved one with much-needed independence when they decide to age in place.


a happy grandmother spending quality time with her granddaughters while utilizing elderly home care equipment

A rollator is generally an improved walker, but instead of having a steady base, it has rubber wheels that provide traction on the floor. They also have seats and hand brakes, making them ideal for seniors having mobility issues. Some rollators have a basket where your loved one can put some of their personal effects.

Power Scooters

an older adult going home on his power scooter - equipment for seniors

As the name indicates, a power scooter is an electrically driven chair perfect for a senior with excellent upper body control who can not walk long distances. Your loved one can use a power scooter outdoors or when they are running some errands, like shopping for groceries. Sometimes you may have to modify your parents’ home to accommodate a power scooter, enabling a senior to use the equipment at home.

If your loved one’s home has enough space, a power scooter will be ideal for them as it can cover a broader terrain. However, if the space is limited, scooters will not be perfect, as your loved one will require a wide area while turning.


a happy senior relaxing at home on his wheelchair while playing with his dog

Your loved one will require a wheelchair when they experience difficulties walking on their own. If you opt for a non-powered wheelchair, it will require the elderly person to have some upper body strength to operate it. It can frustrate your loved one if they rely on you and others to move about.

For greater mobility, you may choose a powered wheelchair, although they are a bit expensive. A powered wheelchair is ideal when your loved one has limited upper body strength. This type of wheelchair offers your loved one independence, and you will have peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe as it offers more support than even a power scooter.

elderly equipment-an electric powered wheelchair

Wheelchair Cushions

a blue wheelchair cushion to protect an adult from slipping off the wheelchair

Your loved ones comfort is crucial to ensuring they lead a quality life. When your loved one needs to use a wheelchair, they may spend some time in it. Choosing the right wheelchair cushion is essential to help them stay in the correct position without sliding or falling off the wheelchair.

Additionally, a cushion will ensure your loved one’s weight is well distributed on the chair, reducing dangerous pressure that could result in body sores.

Patient Transfer Equipment

a male nurse assisting an older adult into a car with an elder care equipment

This equipment makes transferring your loved one from their bed, wheelchair, bathtub, car, or toilet safe and easier. Falls are a major cause of most senior injuries, and you should prevent them at all costs.

Wheelchair Ramps

an older person using a wheelchair ramp elderly equipment to enter into a building

A ramp is an inclined plane that you can install in your parents home in addition to the stairs to allow for easy movements. When you go for a wheelchair or scooter, the next step is to check whether their home allows easy for easy movement from one level or floor to the next.

If their home has areas with different heights, you may have to install a wheelchair ramp before bringing in the wheelchair. The other alternative is to help carry your loved one from one level of the house to the other, this is not an ideal option as you risk falls. A wheelchair ramp can be portable, semi-permanent, or permanent, depending on the needs of the senior.

Lift Chair

a lift chair recliner-elder care equipment where your loved one can relax enjoying their favorite hobby

A lift chair is an elderly home care equipment that has a motorized mechanism. This equipment or device is handy as it will make it easier for your loved one to sit from standing and vice-versa. The lift chair mechanism works by raising the chair when your loved one wants to stand from a sitting position. This device will help your aging parent when they have issues getting in and out of a sitting position.

This chair will be of great help to your loved one when they are suffering from one of the following conditions:

  • Neuropathy

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Balance issues

  • Recovering from surgery

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Degenerative disease.

Stair Lift

a senior woman using a stair lift at her house to move from one level to another

If your loved one’s home has several floors, you can use a stair lift to help them move from one floor to another. A stair lift is a motorized chair that your loved one can use when moving from one level of the house to another when they are unable or when it’s unsafe to navigate the stairs.

Overbed Tables

a smiling nurse taking food to a senior in bed using an overbed table

An overhead table will allow your loved one to eat from the comfort of their chair or bed. You can use this equipment to place drinks, food, or a book your loved one can enjoy.

It is one way of ensuring your aging parents enjoy their independence, as they will feel they still have control of some aspects of their lives when everything else seems to be spiraling.

When choosing a design, go for one that is durable, high-quality, and has a raised edge to prevent slips and breakages of utensils.

Shower Chair

One of the best pieces of equipment for elderly care at home is a shower chair

You should consider buying a showering chair when your loved one starts having mobility and stability issues or cannot stand for a prolonged period. You do not have to worry about rust or rot as manufacturers make them using high-quality materials, making them durable.

The chair has drainage holes ensuring water drains properly and a non-slip foothold preventing shower falls. A shower chair is a device that will ensure your loved one enjoys their time in the shower and retains their dignity.

Over-Toilet Aid

an over-toilet aid to assist a senior woman use the bathroom

You can purchase an over-toilet aid if your loved one experiences some difficulties when lowering themselves while using the toilet, or to help your loved one with toilet transfers.

When choosing the best over-toilet aid for seniors, the size and shape depend solely on the user. Some special features to consider while buying this device should include:

  • Handrails ensure your loved one has extra stability and support while using the toilet

  • Adjustable height allowing your loved one to use the toilet comfortably

  • Non-slip lid

  • Splash guards.

Reacher Grabber

When a senior has trouble picking things up or bending down, you can get them a reach grabber. This device is quite helpful as it is lightweight, user-friendly, and has a comfortable hand grip. You can still purchase this device when your loved one has a mobility issue, a painful back, and stiff hips, even if they can pick things up and bend down. A reach grabber will ease their discomfort and promote their level of independence.

Commode Liners

a senior woman using a commode liner in the bathroom ensuring her privacy

Commode liners are helpful when your loved one experiences mobility issues. The best part is that they can provide easy transfer between the toilet, chair, and shower and act as a portable toilets. You must attach a pail or pot when your loved one uses a commode liner as a toilet. However, cleaning these pots and pails can be tedious and messy.

Alarmed Sensor Pads

a caregiver advising an older man in a wheelchair on how an alarmed sensor pads work

Due to the increased risk of falls in most seniors with stability and mobility issues, it may be necessary to monitor your loved ones to ensure they do not fall off when sitting. You can install sensor pads on their chairs, triggering an alarm when your loved one misses the seat.

When the alarm goes off, you or the caregiver will rush to help your loved one. A sensor pad can be mounted on a mat that you place on your aging parent’s chair. Most of these sensor pads rely on the change in the pressure of the mat. For example, if the pressure decreases, it may mean that a senior is slipping off the chair, which will set the alarm off.

Take Away

If you are searching for the best equipment for elderly care at home and don’t know where to start, don’t worry, as you have come to the right place.

At Amy’s Eden we are aware of your concern for the well-being and security of your loved ones. We know you wish to encourage them in their choice to age in place while ensuring they lead happy lives. In some cases, we can provide suggestions on the ideal equipment to enrich your loved one’s life.

During the initial evaluation of your loved one’s situation and when deciding on the kind of services they might need, if we realize your loved one’s home needs some modifications before purchasing elderly care home equipment, we will also let you know.

Your elderly parents will benefit from these equipment and be able to live out their dream of retiring in the comfort of their own homes or anywhere they call home.

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