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In-Home Dementia Care Services

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In-Home Dementia Care in NV

At Amy’s Eden, we understand that caring for people with dementia requires specialized knowledge, skills, and a compassionate approach. Our caregivers undergo comprehensive training in dementia care, enabling them to provide exceptional support. With a person-centered approach, our caregivers focus on creating a calm and supportive environment that promotes dignity, independence, and well-being. 

Our dementia care services encompass a range of support, including:

Personalized Care Plans: We develop individualized care plans that address the specific needs and preferences of clients with dementia. Our care plans incorporate strategies to manage symptoms, promote cognitive stimulation, and maintain daily routines.

Behavior Management: Our caregivers are trained in understanding and managing challenging behaviors that can arise in people with dementia. They employ techniques such as redirection, validation, and providing a calm and structured environment to minimize agitation and promote a sense of security.

Memory Enhancement: We implement memory enhancement techniques to help clients with dementia maintain cognitive function. This includes memory exercises, reminiscence therapy, and utilizing memory aids and visual cues.

Social Engagement: Our caregivers facilitate social interaction and engagement for individuals with dementia. They encourage participation in activities, outings, and meaningful conversations to foster social connections and reduce feelings of isolation.

Medication Management: Our caregivers assist with medication reminders, ensuring individuals with dementia adhere to their prescribed medication schedule. They work closely with healthcare professionals to monitor medication effectiveness and address any concerns.

Family Support: We understand the impact of dementia on the entire family. Our caregivers provide support, education, and guidance to family members, offering resources and strategies for effective communication, and coping with challenges.

By providing specialized dementia care services in the comfort of people’s own homes, we strive to create a supportive and familiar environment that promotes their well-being and enhances their quality of life. Call us at (775) 884-3336 or fill out our form below and we will reach out to you asap to get you started with our Dementia Care services today!

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Karen Mitchell


My family and I are incredibly grateful for the exceptional Alzheimer’s care that Amy’s Eden provided for our father. The caregivers’ dedication to his well-being and comfort was truly remarkable.

John Reynolds


Amy’s Eden’s in-home dementia care service has been a true blessing for our family. Their compassionate caregivers, like Sarah and David, have made a significant difference in my mother’s life, and we are grateful for the personalized care and understanding they provide our family!

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