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Best Hoyer Lift for Home Use: 5 Factors To Consider When Choosing One

Older adults say they prefer to age at home. However, this can be tough if you’re a family caregiver with no prior caregiving experience. You may face various challenges, especially if your loved one has mobility issues or has a chronic medical condition that makes them solely rely on you to move from one point to another.

In addition, most seniors after a long stay in the hospital or nursing facilities, find these lifts crucial in ensuring their safety and aiding their mobility.

Some daily activities can be challenging for most people, like getting in and out of the bathroom or bed. Compounding this with age, muscle, and joint stress makes you realize your loved one may be sore and stiff.

If you are caring for a loved one with mobility issues, you will have to assist them, and this could lead to physical strain and even burnout. To avoid physical strain or injuries, you can look for alternative ways of assisting your loved one move from one point to another. This is where a Hoyer lift comes in handy.

Hoyer lifts like standing lifts and slings, can make transitions between the bed, shower, toilet, and even ramps smoother, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

a senior woman preparing for a Hoyer lift transfer

Importance of Hoyer Lifts for Senior Care

The most significant risk to caregivers is overexertion from repositioning and lifting your loved one. A Hoyer lift or Patient lift can help you safely transport a senior from one place to another. This device can be on wheels, free-standing, or installed on the wall or ceiling, depending on your loved ones’ needs and home set-up.

A Hoyer Lift is a mobility tool that makes it easier and safer to move your loved one from bed to a wheelchair or a seat. Patients’ lifts consist of an overhead bar, sling, and U-shaped base, which work together to reposition and raise or lower a patient into a bed or chair.

These mobility tools allow seniors to continue living in the comfort of their homes when they would otherwise require a care facility.

Understanding the Need for Hoyer Lifts at Home

A Hoyer lift is essential at home when caring for a loved one with mobility issues. You can use the lift to transfer your loved one from one position to another. This lift will help you eliminate back, shoulder, and neck injuries, which are more prevalent among caregivers.

Challenges Faced by Seniors and Caregivers in Home-Based Care

Some of the challenges faced by seniors and their caregivers in home-based care include:

  • Physical and emotional distress
  • Insomnia
  • Financial constraints
  • Safety concerns as seniors with mobility issues are at a higher risk of falls and injuries.

a senior and her caregiver facing an emotional time in the course of their day | nursing home lift machine

A Hoyer lift for home use can help alleviate some challenges by making transferring easy, hence reducing physical strain on both the senior and caregiver.

Importance of Safe and Efficient Transfers for Seniors

When assisting your loved one in moving from one place to another, you must use the proper technique to ensure you don’t injure them or yourself.

Application of the correct patient transfer will leave your loved one feeling secure, and you will have peace of mind knowing you’ve not hurt them.

Exploring Different Types of Hoyer Lifts Suitable for Home Use

There are a variety of Hoyer or Patient lifts available in the market such as ceiling lifts, sit-to-stand lifts, and bariatric lifts. However, they can be classified into two;

Manual Hoyer Lifts for Home Use

A manual Hoyer lift is also known as a hydraulic lift. This type of patient lift uses a hydraulic system to power it.

Features and benefits of Manual Hoyer Lifts

Features and benefits of a manually operated Hoyer Lift include:

  • Adjustable width base
  • Specified cradle design
  • Easy-to-operate brakes
  • Sling chains
  • Safely lowers or raises a person from a stationary position
  • Steel construction
  • High-performance hydraulics

Electric Hoyer Lifts for Home Use

For this type of Hoyer lift, you only have to plug it into a wall or power it with a rechargeable battery. It’s the easiest to operate as you have to switch it on by pushing a button to raise or lower it.

Feature of an Electric Hoyer Lift

  • It has a wide lifting span that allows you to lift your loved one from the floor and high surfaces
  • It has a standard suspension ensuring comfort for a senior and gives you spacious lifting
  • You can separate it into two parts, allowing for ease of use
  • Easy to use and transport
  • It has height-adjustable bars, allowing you comfort while using it
  • Safety latches
  • Emergency stop button
  • Excellent stability
  • Allows for smooth and quiet operation.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hoyer Lift for Home Use

Some of the factors when choosing an ideal Hoyer lift product for home use are:


Select a patient lift that is duty-powered to comfortably support your loved one’s weight.


Consider the height you want the lift to lift your loved one. Although most Hoyer lifts are adjustable, ensure you go for one that meets your height requirements before purchase.

Lifting range

It would help if you had a lift that offers a wide lifting range. Ensure the lift has a full stand and sit capability for the user (proper range) to help you perform necessary transfers efficiently and quickly.

Safety features and certifications

If you are considering an electric Hoyer lift, it’s crucial to ensure safety measures are in place. For example, what happens when power goes off in the middle of a transfer? Look for a lift that has an emergency control or stop button.

Maneuverability and ease of use

Understand the maneuverability, ease of use, and type of lift you intend to buy. Depending on the type of lifting and the space available, can the lift serve the purpose you intend it to do? Maneuvering a senior around the bathroom or bedroom can be tricky, so ensure you go for a patient lift that can quickly get into the spaces you want.

User reviews and testimonials

It’s advisable to check on user reviews and testimonies online when buying a Hoyer lift for home use. Also, check the manufacturer’s response to positive and negative reviews.

Keep in mind that medical equipment like this, which aids in daily life, often comes with options. It’s vital to access the manufacturer’s website or blog that provides a detailed guide on these products.

In addition, many opt for insurance to cover some or all of the equipment’s price, but it’s essential to learn the terms beforehand. Newer models might offer better functionality, but they might also come with a heftier price tag. Always choose based on your loved one’s specific health needs and budget.

How to Properly Use a Hoyer Lift at Home

It’s crucial to properly and safely use a Hoyer lift at home. You want to maintain your safety and that of your loved one while transferring them from one point to another.

There are some basic safety techniques that you can employ at home while using a Hoyer lift. These techniques include;

  • Clear the space for transferring your loved one
  • Ensure the lift is stable
  • Connect the sling bars and the boom
  • Check if the sling has any defects
  • Application of the sling
  • Start the transfer process
  • Complete the transfer and lower your loved one

a senior having a medical exam in his living room after using a portable Hoyer lift for home use

Caregivers’ Safety Tips

You can use most Hoyer lifts to perform the following tasks. However, be sure to follow the operation manual of the lift.

  • Lateral transfers
  • Shower or toileting transfers
  • Bed-chair transfers
  • Repositioning
  • Lifting limbs

To protect yourself and your loved one, be sure to:

  • Check a senior’s condition before using the lift
  • Select the correct sling size
  • Check the slings for any defects before use
  • Ensure there are no obstacles or hazards around
  • Check the condition of the lift before each use.

Additionally, when using Hoyer, please avoid pushing, pulling, or lifting when it’s off balance or when you are trapped in a confined space.

a young caregiver helping an older man with mobility equipment at home

Additional Support and Resources for Home Care with Hoyer Lifts

When purchasing a Hoyer lift for home use, ensure the seller offers professional guidance and helps you select the right hoyer lift. Ask your seller if the Hoyer lift replacement parts are readily available and if they offer maintenance services.

Additionally, take some training and education on the safe usage of the Hoyer lift before purchasing.

You can check the online community for support on properly using Hoyer lifts. These online communities will offer you insight, and you may even find testimonials encouraging you on your journey with your loved one.

Loneliness is the most significant risk that most caregivers face on a daily basis; when you have a support system in place, even if it is online, It will help you realize other people are going through what you’re going through and offer some level of camaraderie.


Sometimes, as a caregiver, you might be afraid or unwilling to seek help. You may want your family and friends to believe you have everything under control. Feeling overwhelmed or experiencing physical strain can be an indicator that you do need help, and one way of doing this is by incorporating tools to make your caregiving journey much smoother.

Purchasing a Hoyer lift will help you avoid physical strain and, at the same time, keep your loved one safe during the transfers or while repositioning them.

At Amy’s Eden, we encourage you to purchase or rent a patient lift to help reduce stress and the challenges that come with transferring. If you need an extra pair of hands to provide compassionate care or operate your loved one’s Hoyer lift, don’t hesitate to contact us today, our team of professional caregivers is excited to help.

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