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What are Amy's Eden assisted homes?

Amy’s Eden assisted homes are private assisted living facilities inside of upscale homes that we’ve specially developed for elderly care. They have all the features as a typical assisted living facility, but are located in a real home, which creates the perfect home-like environment for our residents. Our homes are located throughout Reno and Carson City, NV.

Do you also offer in-home care?

Yes. If you’d prefer to stay in your own home, we can send a personal care assistant to your location to help with care from the comfort of your own home! Amy’s Eden offers up to 24 hours of in-home senior care in Reno, Carson City, and surrounding areas.

How are the assisted homes unique from other assisted living options?

Our homes are unique because there are only 2 residents per home with a caregiver on-site 24/7. Our staff has a genuine love for the elderly and are trained to spoil and pamper our residents. Our homes are kept clean and safe and are always a comfortable and welcoming home-like environment.

Are the homes licensed?

Our homes are licensed and bonded by the state of Nevada and have regular inspections to ensure we’re meeting the proper requirements for our caregivers and the quality of our homes. Our homes are equipped with all the same safety and health measures as other assisted living facility options.

What features do the homes provide?

We offer customizable care depending on your unique situation. We have discrete bathing & personal care, a beautiful kitchen with a custom menu for meals and snacks, alzheimer’s/memory discoveries, many activities for the elderly, home health & hospice support, medication management, and other services that a typical assisted living facility has to offer. We are different because our facility is a warm home-like environment where our caregivers can offer 1 on 1 support 24 hours of the day.

What resident conditions can Amy's Eden assisted homes care for?

Amy’s Eden can take nearly any condition. We never raise our rates later on due to a change of condition. If you’re interested in information for your unique situation, please call us at (775) 884-3336.

How many residents are there per home?

We only have two residents per home. We can offer different options for room sizes, so we can also accept couples in the same room. We have a 1 to 2 caregiver-to-resident ratio to ensure that we can offer the best possible care.

Where are the homes located?

We have homes throughout Reno and Carson City, NV.

How much are the assisted homes?

Our homes start at around $7,100 a month, depending on availability and type of care needed. Our residents get access to the whole home, a 24 hour caregiver, and all furnishings, meals, services, and personal items covered. If you’d like a precise quote for our assisted homes, please give us a call at (775) 884-3336!

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