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How Personal Emergency Response System Can Help Save Your Aging Beloved Life

Does your older loved one spend a lot of time alone? Are they determined to continue living in their own home and stay independent? This might worry you as it is a fact that older adults are prone to falls which can be potentially fatal. This risk increases exponentially with age [1].

Many accidents result in fractures which often immobilize seniors while creating a substantial economic burden. If your loved one suffers from a condition such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, or dementia the risk is even greater.

Fitting the house with grab bars and using the sitter service provided by Amy’s Eden might help prevent dangerous situations. An alternative to that could be to use a personal emergency response system (PERS).

What Is PERS?

A personal emergency response system or medical emergency response system is a device that can alert first responders or caregivers that your beloved elderly needs assistance or support in the event of a fall, a sudden medical condition, a fire, or a burglary. It is a clever gadget that they will carry always on them. They only need to push a button to activate the service.

In 2023, PERS technology has evolved to include advanced features that can be customized to meet the specific needs of aging individuals with mobility issues, disabilities or medical conditions.

Typically PERS consists of three components

  • A radio transmitter

  • A console connected to
    the personal phone

  • An emergency center monitoring the calls

pers personal emergency response system

How Does It Work?

The radio transmitter is a small piece of equipment that could be worn as a necklace around the neck, as a bracelet or wristband, or carried in a pocket. It is very lightweight and it operates with batteries. When in need your aging loved one has to press its button and the transmitter will send a signal to the phone-connected console.

pers devices

The console then, being connected to the phone, dials the emergency number pre-stored for this purpose. The call is picked up by the person on duty at the emergency response center.

This professional then identifies your loved one and contacts the emergency number for them, stored in the response center’s database. Then, they take measures to evaluate the situation and dispatch an appropriate first responders team to the address.

Does Your Loved One Need PERS?

Having a plan of action in case of an emergency while your beloved elderly are alone means ensuring an adequate and quick reaction. This will prevent further complications and waste of precious time which can save their life.

pers device

If unsure of what to do in a critical situation or if the older adult needs a PERS in their life, consider the following questions:

  • Does your loved one live alone, or spend hours by themselves?

  • Do they go out, or spend time outdoors on their own?

  • Do they need to take medications?
  • Do they need to be reminded to take them?
  • Do they have any gait or mobility-related issues?

  • Is there anyone who keeps an eye on them regularly?

personal emergency response services

  • Have they experienced any falls before?

  • Do they have an emergency contact?
  • Do they have a healthcare provider?

  • Do they always receive care at the same hospital?

  • Is their Medical insurance going to pay in full or in part for the installation of a PERS?

  • Can your loved one operate such a device?

pers unit

Benefits Of Using PERS

Having an Amy’s Eden in-home caregiver or a PERS device at your senior loved one’s disposal will alleviate your worry that you aren’t always present there to help them while also preserving their dignity and independence.

The power of calling for help with a push of a button can boost their self-confidence and at the same time keep them safely connected with health care. Thus it will improve your loved one’s quality of life in the golden years of their life.

Not all PERS devices are made equal. Today, they may have a variety of features including GPS, health or well-being monitoring systems, activity trackers, motion sensors, etc. PERS may also come with a cellphone or as part of a smart home security system.

How To Choose The Best PERS Device

Every situation is different and if you have decided to install a PERS device you must consider what your particular needs are, what kind of system will work best for your beloved senior, what kind of alert and monitoring it will provide, and last but not least, how much it will cost.

personal emergency response system pers


As PERS equipment can have various functionalities consider which of the following are important in the case of your loved one. [2]

  • To detect a fall and call for help – these are the first and foremost functions PERS serves.

  • To monitor vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation level, etc.

  • To remind of medical appointments, procedures, or medicine intake.

  • To be location independent by using cellular services (outdoors) such as 4G or 5G thus providing alert services regardless of the physical location.

  • To have location tracking through GPS which can help find the whereabouts of a lost or confused loved one.

  • To be able to execute video and audio calls. Functioning as a phone to a selected list of favorite numbers, this option will allow you and other family members to easily get in touch with your loved one.

  • To be able to connect to a personal vehicle. This function can be extremely helpful to those seniors who drive. PERS devices that have this option can be easily charged and/or connected to the car’s speaker system.

  • To have motion detectors indoors which can enable a person monitoring the system to trace any movement inside the house.

  • To show the time, i.e. serve as a wristwatch.

  • To track fitness or other activity similar to a smartwatch that counts steps, indicates burned calories, and records time spent doing exercise.

  • To be connected to the home security system and to alert in events of gas or fire hazards, break-ins, or other incidents of this sort.

pers button

Technical specifications

When choosing a PERS device it might be wise to consider the technical side of the equipment as well. The technical specifications and qualities to regard could be in the following lines:

  • The battery longevity – You may want to ask how often batteries need to be changed, and whether they are rechargeable. In addition, it is good to know if the console is battery-operated in case of a power outage.

  • The size and the appeal of the portable part can be important to your loved one. In addition, you can also check if the straps and the plastic are without any sharp edges, and are gentle on the skin.

  • The speakers’ volume – It should be loud enough for the older adult to hear it without straining.

  • Water resistance – it is important that your beloved senior can use the PERS device also in the shower. It should be waterproof and should still work if it fell into an aquarium or the kitchen sink full of water. The majority of accidents happen in the bathroom and kitchen where the floors can be dangerously slippery.

  • Its range – This refers to the communication between the transmitter and the console. It is important to know what is the maximum distance at which the transmitter continues to be connected to the console and thus is functional.

  • System updates – If it requires frequent system updates perhaps it would be easier if the updates are set up to be done automatically so your loved one or you won’t need to worry about them.

  • User-friendliness – This is important as no matter what, as there will be a learning curve associated with the use of the PERS device. The easier it is to get used to, the better.

personal emergency alert system

  • Location – Is it location fixed or can the service be provided in another city or state if your loved one moved? – There might not be any plans for moving in your lives, but sometimes unpredictable circumstances can arise and it is good to know that you can take the PERS system with you to another location.

  • Access to information collected by PERS – Although the main function of the PERS is to contact emergency responders, some devices allow relatives to check in on their loved one status from afar through a mobile application.

  • Access to your beloved’s home – Some PERS devices may offer the service of a lock box to provide access to the house for the emergency responders team.

  • Home security – You may have to ask the home security system provider if the PERS can connect with an existing home security system and if this will cost you any additional payments.

emergency response system for seniors

Monitoring and Response

The different types of PERS equipment may offer some variety in relation to the monitoring of the calls and the responses they provide.

  1. You may have the option to classify the type of alerts the system produces – from non-urgent, to urgent – for situations that are not life-threatening, to emergency alerts.

  2. It can give the option to choose who will be contacted – a response center, a relative, or a caretaker. In some devices, it may be possible for the calls to be monitored in more than one way.

  3. Additional information about the monitoring center can be very useful as well. It is important to be informed if they work 24/7 and if their staff is trained to deal with triage and emergencies.

  4. It might be a good idea to learn what is the company policy for dealing with false alarms. It’s not unusual for a senior user to push the emergency button by mistake.

  5. Sometimes the PERS companies have their own call monitoring centers but others are subcontracting this to third parties. What matters, however, is how long a response takes. You shouldn’t be satisfied with an answer of more than a few seconds.

mobile personal emergency response system


The pricing of the PERS equipment is the cost of the device; additional monthly fees or installation fees; extra warranty or service charges. Sometimes some of the functionalities can cost extra.


The monthly fees are in the range of $20 to $70. Please beware that some companies may add to the monthly payment a percentage of the device cost. Make sure you know what you are paying for by asking for a price breakdown.

emergency response systems

Most businesses offer a free trial period or a money-back guarantee in case the clients aren’t happy with the services. You can check however what the cancellation policy is and whether you will be refunded if you decide to cancel the subscription.

Lastly, you can check if your loved one medical insurance plan would pay some or the entire fees of the PERS. A doctor’s recommendation might be required.

The Take Away

Having PERS in place is essential if your loved is is aging in place in at home or anywhere they call home like Amy’s Eden assisted homes. While considering a PERS system, or in addition to one, Amy’s Eden sitter or in-home services can ensure your loved one’s safety is prioritized.

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