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Learn more about our caregiver opportunities in Nevada!

Caregiver positions in Nevada

Amy's Eden Caregiver Positions

Caregiver positions in Nevada

Amy’s Eden Senior Care is continually expanding and, therefore, continuously growing our team of caregivers! We offer assisted homes and in-home care in Reno, Carson City, and  surrounding areas in NV. 


Our in-home caregivers start at $17-19 an hour, depending on experience, while our assisted home caregivers earn $176-196 per shift. While caregiving experience is preferred, we will train the right candidate.


Our caregivers assist with senior care, light housekeeping, cooking, pet care, grocery shopping, activities with the elderly, companionship, and more! Our caregivers usually only care for one or two elderly at a time in a real home setting.

Take a look inside one of our assisted homes in Reno, NV!

Assisted Home Caregiver Positions

Pay: $176-196 per shift

Sign-on bonus: $800

Location: Inside of our assisted homes in Reno or Carson City, NV

Amy’s Eden’s assisted home caregivers work in our own assisted homes while taking care of 1-2 residents at a time. Our homes are beautiful houses in upscale neighborhoods which are designed specially for elderly care. We give our homes a home-like environement to offer the best possible care for our elderly residents.


Our caregivers stay in the home for 24 hour shifts; we pay $176-196 per 24 hour shift. The caregiver doesn’t work for the entire 24 hours; during the shift the caregiver sleeps in their own designated caregiver room for 8 hours. Our caregivers also get plenty of breaks and downtime during the shift.


During the 24 hour shift, all meals are covered and the position is inside of a beautiful home, so the caregiver has access to everything they need while working in the home.


Our caregivers care for 1-2 residents at a time, offering them premium elderly care while showing a positive attitude and compassion to our elderly residents. The caregivers clean the home, cook the meals, offer personal care to our residents, and assist with other tasks within the home. Call us at 

In-Home Caregiver Positions

Pay: $17-$19 per hour

Locations: In other people's homes in Reno, Carson City, and other nearby cities

Sign-on bonus: $500

Amy’s Eden also offers in-home caregiver positions, which have a variety of hours and locations, depending on our current clients. Our in-home caregivers travel to our client’s own home and provide services like caregiving, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, activities, companionship, pet care, personal care, and much more.

We train our caregivers to offer great senior care in our client’s own home with a friendly and positive character. Our caregivers assist with services like caregiving, pet care, light cleaning, cooking, activities, grocery shopping, companionship, and more.

We like to find great matches for our caregivers and elderly clients to offer the best possible senior care. Our caregivers require their own transportation to and from the client’s home. We offer part-time and full-time positions, depending on our current client base. Caregiving experience is preferred but not required; we will train the right candidate. Call us at (775) 437-3104 to learn more about our in-home caregiver positions, or apply below!

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