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Carson City Retirement Communities are Being Nationally Recognized for Excellence

Carson City retirement communities have been highlighted recently and recognized for greatness. If you’re a senior living in or moving to Nevada, here’s why you should consider making the leap into a Carson City senior community.

At the Edge of Glistening Lake Tahoe, privacy, care, and luxury intertwine. This is a tranquil space where the sky meets the sea and it’s teeming with possibilities. Perhaps that’s why more and more seniors are choosing Carson City as their prime choice for retirement. Over the past couple of years leading into 2019, this region of NV has made major strides in upgrading the senior life experience. The press is taking notice, as should you.

2017- March/April Issue of Where to Retire Magazine Lists Carson City Among Most Coveted Retirement Destinations

If you’re trying to find a new place to retire, Where to Retire Magazine is the only American print publication dedicated to pointing out the best locations. In 2017, they listed Carson City NV amongst their most coveted retirement destinations. According to their editor, Carson City NV has much to offer today’s seniors. Highlights include:

  • Close proximity to Reno
  • Breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada, Washoe Lake St Park, and Carson Valley
  • Low taxes
  • Excellent family location
  • Convenience and more

Of course, the one thing that’s keeping Carson City at the top of the retirement destination list is the abundance of active adult communities. 55+ homes are readily available in a village atmosphere, a retreat-style setting, an apartment, manor, estate, or lakeside cabin. These communities cater to personal taste while also providing an elongated list of services.  From health needs such as memory care, medication management, short term or respite to financial needs such as affordable and low-income establishments, no stone goes unturned. The same is true of wants. Many senior communities located North or South of Carson City feature luxury amenities including, but not limited to:

  • golf courses
  • swimming pools
  • beautifully landscaped gardens
  • private homes
  • home-cooked or gourmet meals
  • access to transportation services
  • On-site beauticians, housekeepers, and maintenance workers

With so many new Carson City retirement communities sprouting up around the state and with senior community terms of service changing by the minute, you might need help in your search for the perfect independent living establishment. If you’re thinking of joining senior residents in the area, please contact our senior center for information at (775) 884-3336.

December, 2018- Yahoo! Ranks Carson City in Its Top 10 for Best Places to Retire in Nevada

As further proof that people are talking about Carson City, popular internet site Yahoo! also spoke highly of the region, ranking it sixth for Nevada seniors seeking assisted living communities. The reason? The combination of natural beauty and natural resources, as well as ample senior-oriented recreational activities and easy access to medical care. The view of Lake Tahoe and the Tahoe National Forest also played a part in the ranking.

August, 2019- Real Estate Mega Website Redfin Calls Carson City the Best Place to Retire in all of Nevada

As you might have noticed, Carson City is currently exhibiting a nice upward trend in its popularity as a retirement destination. By 2019, it’s high time this idyllic locale took a number one spot. Redfin announced a long list of requirements when ranking for retirement spots. Components taken into consideration for determining ranking include:

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Carson City Retirement
  • Local tax rates
  • Temperatures
  • Walk score
  • Percentage of households in the region belonging to persons over 65
  • Senior-friendly accessibility features

*It’s important to note that since the study consists of all US states, housing price and cost of living were not determining factors. This is due to the wide range of financial features that vary from state to state which would have been near impossible to compare.

According to Redfin, Carson City boasts temperate weather, an optimal walk score, a low tax rate and a surplus of senior-accessible features. Did you know that 300 days out of every year in Carson City are full of clear skies and sunshine? Not only is it an excellent place to visit; it’s also a wonderful atmosphere for retirement. Redfin even went so far as to call it a “thriving retiree community”.

Into the Future

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Carson City, NV Senior Community

Age is a thing we will all have to deal with one day. This is why it’s important for all of us to learn about the aging process and what makes it more comfortable. Whether you’re seeking options for yourself or a loved one, it’s a great idea to rely on a little support from family and professionals alike. Now that you’ve come to learn the benefits of retiring in or near Carson City, it’s time to look into the different types of Carson City retirement communities. Some of the most popular include:

  • HIRC’s
  • Active adult communities
  • Continuing care communities
  • Independent living facilities
  • Nursing homes

Remember that no two communities are alike and it’s always best to take a tour before making up your mind. While touring various different communities, look for the following amenities:

  • Physical health amenities- Skilled nurses and trained professionals should be available at all times even if your special senior doesn’t have any health concerns just yet. If wellness issues develop down the line, the retirement community of your choosing should be prepared.
  • Daily routine amenities- Workers who specialize in housekeeping, landscaping, and beauty should also be close at hand.
  • Emotional Well-Being Amenities- As you or your loved one grow older, the need for emotional connections actually grows stronger. Be on the lookout for amenities that promote emotional well-being. They range from group activities to pet therapy to even something as simple as a beautifully decorated abode.

Still need help finding Carson City retirement communities? Email your questions to We’ll return your inquiry promptly.

There is a silver lining to entering your golden years, particularly if you live in or near Carson City. Click here to apply for residency or to view our website’s updated privacy policy. Information on this site is copyright Amy’s Eden Senior Care, all rights reserved. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to access free information and to learn something new about issues regarding senior citizens on a monthly basis.

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