The 3 Best Options for Assisted Living in Nevada

What are the 3 best options for assisted living in Nevada for 2021?

Is there a best option for assisted living?

Did you know that today, there are nearly one million licensed beds in the United States? Out of approximately 28,900 communities, there’s an average of 33 beds per assisted living facility. There are nearly 150 facilities in Nevada alone. With so many options available, it’s hard to choose which one is the best one.

There are many deciding factors to keep in mind while deciding which assisted living solution is suitable for your family’s unique situation. Cost of services, the condition of the facility, the caregiver-to-resident ratio, the quality of care, and the friendliness of the caregivers can all be important factors.

1. Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facility in Nevada

For many families, an assisted living facility tends to be the most common solution for elderly care. They’re typically in larger buildings with many rooms and beds, which create a community of seniors. Residents can enjoy their own room, while they have regular check-ins with caregivers and staff. They can take part in activities and there’s normally nice walking areas and benches outside.

However, one of the issues with larger assisted living facilities is their high resident-to-staff ratio. Sometimes, there can be only one caregiver per up to 18 residents. In most cases, this isn’t the appropriate setting to create a home-like environment. If you choose this option, be sure to find one with a low resident-to-staff ratio and be sure that there’s enough staff to keep the facility clean and safe.

2. Assisted Home

Assisted home in Reno, NV

Assisted homes are another great option for elderly care. The benefit of a home is the residents can feel like they’re in their own home. There’s typically a much lower caregiver-to-resident ratio, which means the residents can get the care they require while they feel at home. The specialized 24-hour care allows expert senior care, as the homes have all the same safety and medical measures as a typical living facility.

Assisted homes are equipped with caregivers who can assist with expert care 24/7. They have a room in the home where they can stay, so they’re even available at night. In the day they’re a companion to the resident, fixing them meals, doing activities with them, giving them personal care, and keeping the home clean and safe. This environment creates a bright and supportive atmosphere for the resident, so they can feel at home while receiving the care they deserve.

Assisted homes are generally around the same price as other options. Pricing depends on the home’s location, condition of the home, quality of care, and in some cases, the condition of the resident. While searching for an assisted home, be sure to request a home tour. The home condition should give you a great idea if the home facility is a good option and is worth the price.

3. In-Home Assistance

In-home senior care in Nevada

Another option for elderly assistance in Nevada is in-home care. This is a great option when the elderly want to receive the care they require while in their own home.

For in-home care, certain care agencies can send a personal care assistant to your home. They can help with services such as housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, pet care, activities, and other care services. Personal care assistants can be flexible with the type of care that’s required, so they can adapt to your unique needs. 

The great part about in-home care is the caregiver can stay in your own home, so you can receive up to 24 hours of care. If you’re going to use an in-home care agency, be sure to ask if they cover all the services you require and if their caregivers can cover your desired hours.

The Best Option for Assisted Living in Nevada

Assisted living in Nevada

With so many options to choose from, the process of finding elderly care can be a crucial decision. Your family’s unique situation and budget will dictate which option is best for you.

While your family is searching for an option in Nevada, please be sure to find one where they can spend their final years in a joyful home-like environment where they can get the delicate care that they deserve.

Amy’s Eden Senior Care

If you’re looking for an assisted home or in-home senior care in Northern Nevada, Amy’s Eden Senior Care is the perfect option for your family! We have beautiful homes throughout Reno and Carson City and offer in-home senior care throughout Northern Nevada. Our homes only have two residents per home, are licensed by the state of Nevada, and always have loving and warm caregivers on-site to keep the homes clean and safe.

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