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'Like Assisted Living But Not:' Senior Care Wins 2015 Best of Carson City, NV

In the News 11/12/2015 (Found Online at NBC News)

Amy’s Eden Assisted Homes was named winner of the Best of Carson City 2015 for Best In-Home Care Service near Reno, beating out 10’s of other competitors on ballot in Reno, NV.

Nevada Appeal presented the award to Amy’s Eden Assisted Homes via mailed award plaque and simple online announcement-style ceremony. 

Potential award recipients were required to be nominated by Nevada Appeal readers in order to be in contention for the Best of Carson 2015, and were judged based on senior care lifestyle quality, best individualized care, and resident satisfaction ratings online. Amy Smith, Operating Manager of Amy’s Eden Assisted Homes was pleased about the company’s performance, saying:

“The entire senior living facility team has worked very hard to help bring a piece of heaven to these dear senior citizens. The intention is individualized elderly care that is unlike any other and the award is just a nice happy surprise. The company is in the business to bless people in their last days and I’m glad to see our team is being recognized for it.”

Amy’s Eden Assisted Homes is known for their efforts to help the elderly feel like they’re at home. They limit their homes to 2 residents maximum in order to give the level of quality they strive to achieve. Each elderly home has staff who are devoted to that specific residential living facility, and Amy’s Eden only hires friendly and truly caring people.

Their facilities consist of several senior residential assisted facilities conveniently located in Reno and Carson City, NV.  Amy’s Eden facilities are uniquely classified as “HIRC” and are not considered the same as the traditional “Assisted Living Facilities” in Reno, NV. The term Assisted Living is reserved for elderly residential homes in that are considered different in their classifications and definitions for assisted care. This article shows the Assisted Living Reno, NV news publications that reviews many different types of assisted residential homes for the elderly. The award given to Amy’s Eden is not representational of the same assisted living services as that of a traditional Assisted Living center which also provides assisted elderly care.