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What to Consider When Choosing
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At Amy’s Eden Assisted Living in Reno and Carson City, NV, we offer a wide array of services that are sure to fit your loved one’s needs. We pride ourselves on our residents’ safety, feeling of security, and general well-being. Our assisted care homes feel like an actual home to our residents, and we do everything in our power to ensure privacy while still providing a very secure environment, complete with 24-hour staff. Our caregiver-to-resident-ratio is at least 1 staff to every 2 residents, which means that all residents are monitored and looked after at all times.

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Assisted Living in Carson City, NV
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Assisted Living in Reno, NV

There are so many considerations when it comes to choosing an assisted living facility in Carson CityNevada for your loved one. Your loved one’s preferences and needs, as well as your own concerns, are the big factors that lead to your ultimate decision. Safety, comfort, and level of care are usually among the top concerns of residents and their families. Each resident has needs unique to his or her own situation, and it is crucial to make sure that the assisted living facility meets those needs. Individuals with chronic or critical health conditions will need more intensive care than residents with fewer health problems. Therefore, the level and intensity of care requires serious consideration when choosing the right elderly care program. Taking all this into account will allow you to make the best decision regarding your loved one’s new home. Even when you know that you’ve made the right choice and found the best assisted living facility, moving your loved one to it can still prove to be rather challenging.

Transitioning to senior living can be stressful for both parties, but knowing that you’ve made the right decision and having a helpful, friendly staff to guide you takes a tremendous load off your shoulders. It is important to us that our staff is as warm, welcoming, and gracious as an ideal family would hope to have. With the right people to help both you and your loved one along the way, moving to senior living seems much, much easier. It’s nice to have good people support and reassure you of your decision. The quality of care at Amy’s Eden Assisted Living in Reno and Carson City, Nevada helps ensure that this move is as comfortable as it can be.

Our staff is sincerely friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. They are always available to help in any way they can and they are constantly watching over and caring for residents. With the experience of our staff, their safety and CPR training, and having homes that are certified according to Nevada’s highest standards, you can rest assured that your resident is in safe care. Additionally, you’ll find the staff members’ warm, welcoming attitudes to be very refreshing and reassuring.

The types of services offered at an assisted living facility should be a part of your choice as well. Activities that interest the resident, as well as health concerns he or she may have, should also be of the top decision-making factors. Family of residents in need of advanced health care should feel comfortable knowing that the senior living center has all necessary equipment and resources on hand. At the same time, residents who enjoy various recreational activities and events need to be in a home that offers them a chance to participate.

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Our staff is sincerely friendly, kind, and knowledgeable.

The elderly care staff at Amy’s Eden Assisted Living is the friendliest and most service-oriented staff you’ll find in Reno and Carson City. Residents and their loved ones are very pleased with the services we provide to our seniors. We make sure that every one of their needs is taken care of, and that they have the best quality of life they can receive in their final chapters of life. Some of our senior residents have serious conditions such as dementia, or are receiving hospice services. Others simply need to have loving people look after them and can no longer live on their own.

We offer a wide range of homes to choose from, and each is fully equipped with personal living space, inviting kitchen, a groomed yard, and more. The individual residential care homes are designed to give residents the personal space and privacy they require while keeping them safe and looked after. We have one of the best assisted living facilities in Reno and Carson City, NV and we are proud to say that!

Our beloved residents enjoy the feeling of independence, as they are able to live their own lives while having friendly, helpful staff on hand whenever they need. It is truly the ideal alternative to a standard nursing home, and stays away from the cold, hospital-like environment of institutions and the like. With the individual residential care homes, residents have a home away from home with their personal belongings and their own peaceful living space. Residents and their families can feel at ease knowing that our assisted living facility homes are safe, clean, comfortable, and are run by the best staff possible.

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